8 Top Zapier Alternatives: Functions, Pricing, and Integrations

Are you tired of Zapier’s monthly bills? Zapier’s cost keeps on increasing month by month. Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a Zapier alternative for a one-time price?

You could save thousands of dollars that you have spent on Zapier. If you’re looking for the Top Zapier alternatives. Then it’s your lucky day!

I’m going to reveal 8 Zapier alternatives plus one of the BEST Zapier alternatives is on LTD. This means you buy that tool for a one-time charge and say goodbye to Zapier’s monthly bill.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

TL;DR: Get the gist without reading the full article.

Pabbly Connect: Best Overall Zapier Alternative – Similar features, but easier interface and way less expensive. Pabbly Connect has a lifetime deal running. Best for small, medium, and large businesses.

Integrately: Similar to Zapier and Pabbly Connect feature-wise. Integrately comes with a great user interface and has a huge number of ready-made automation, that you can use with a button click. Pricing plans are cheaper than Zapier but not as good as Pabbly Connect.

Make.com (Formerly Integromat): It can get your automation task done but Make doesn’t have a great user interface. If you can understand technical terms then Make.com can be a good automation tool for your needs. I would recommend Make.com for technical users.

Konnectzit: Konnectzit is a very new integration software compared to Zapier and Pabbly Connect. It comes with basic features and has a limited number of integrated apps. Pricing plans are affordable and the user interface is easy to use. Good for beginners who are just starting.

n8n.io: Perfect for those who have coding knowledge and looking to automate repetitive tasks. N8n.io cloud plans are expensive than Zapier. N8n.io has desktop and self-hosted options too which are completely FREE but again you would have to set up and it is hassle.

Microsoft Power Automate: With Power Automate you can build advanced automation which requires coding. And Power Automate offers two types of pricing plans: 1) Pay as you go 2) Monthly plans. Power Automate is also recommended for technical users.

IFTTT: IFTTT has a FREE plan with limited features but their paid plans are very affordable. Through a little bit of coding, you can build advanced workflows.

Celigo iPaaS: Celigo iPaaS is for large businesses. Celigo plans start at $600/month and goes up to $2400/month. However, you’ll get amazing support and can build advanced and deep integration.

1. Pabbly Connect: A Perfect Zapier Alternative

Summary: Pabbly Connect is a powerful and, in some aspects, better alternative to Zapier. Plus, you don’t have to pay the hefty monthly charges like Zapier. Pabbly Connect is perfect for those who want to automate repetitive tasks and save more time. 🙂 You can even ready in-depth comparison between Pabbly Connect Vs Zapier.

Pabbly Connect - Zapier Alternative

Pabbly Connect Advantages

  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • Lifetime deal
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free internal tasks
  • You get all the features in every plan
  • Active Facebook community
  • Pabbly Forum
  • A large library of automation videos
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Pabbly Connect Disadvantages

  • No LIVE support
  • Some apps are not integrated with Pabbly Connect such as Podia and Systeme.io

Pabbly Connect Prices

Pabbly Connect’s monthly plan starts at $19/month, and you get 12,000 tasks/month and all the features. If you go for the yearly plan, you get an extra 15% off. And as you go for higher plans, your tasks/month & charges will change. Simple and straightforward pricing.

Check out Pabbly Connect Pricing.

2. Best for small business owners: Integrately

Summary: Integrately is another alternative of Zapier. Integrately is good for small businesses. If you want to automate your redundant tasks use, Integrately. It can get your job done. Integrately was launched after Pabbly Connect launch. But in terms and features and number of features Pabbly Connect is way ahead than integrately.

Integrately - Zapier Alternative

Integrately Advantages

  • Attractive user interface better than Zapier
  • Plans start at $30/month for 14,000 tasks/month
  • Ready-made automation
  • Integrates with 1000+ apps
  • 14-day free trial

Integrately Disadvantages

  • No free plan
  • Pricing is a bit higher than Pabbly Connect
  • Limited features in the Starter plan
  • No live chat support

Integrately Prices

Integrately plans start at $29.99/month and you get 14,000/month and some features are missing in this plan like branches, only 3 premium apps, and 20 automation. It seems they’re trying to be another Zapier. Their pricing plans feel like that! 🙂 Overall, pricing is still affordable than Zapier.

3. Best for Techy Users: Make.com (Formerly Integromat)

Summary: Make.com (Formerly Integromat) is also a Zapier alternative. Make.com was founded in 2016. They were not actively marketing the software, but Make.com is older than Pabbly connect. Make.com’s user interface is not that great. Make is perfect for techy users who have coding knowledge and can understand technical terms.

Make.com (Formerly Integromat) - Zapier Alternative

Make.com Advantage

  • 5490 ready made automation templates
  • Plan starts at $9/month
  • Free plan is available
  • Make Academy for resources to learn about automation

Make.com Disadvantages

  • User interface is not beginner friendly
  • Features are too technical to understand
  • Expensive pricing
  • No money-back guarantee on paid plans

Make.com Prices

Make.com has five plans including a free plan.

1) Free plan – $0/month

2) Core – $9/month for 10,000 ops/month

3) Pro – $16/month for 10k ops/month with additional features like,

  • Full-text execution log search,
  • Operations usage flexibility
  • Custom variables
  • Priority scenario execution
  • Scenario Inputs

4) Team – $29/month for 10K ops/month plus extra features such as,

  • High priority scenario execution
  • Teams and team roles
  • Create and share scenario templates

5) Enterprise – Price is not mentioned

You have to contact their support to get the pricing. However, with the Enterprise plan you get the following things:

  • Access to enterprise apps
  • Information security compliance support
  • Company single sign-on (SSO) access control
  • Operations overage protection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Customer support with high priority

4. Good for beginners: Konnectzit.com

Summary: Konnectzit is another Zapier alternative that is good for beginners. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides a wide range of features such as automation, integration, and workflow management. Konnectzit is still very new compared to Pabbly Connect, Integrately and Zapier. So many advanced features are missing!

Konnectzit - Zapier Alternative

Konnectzit Advantages

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Monthly plans start at $12/month with 10,000 tasks per month
  • Functions are available in all the plans
  • 20% discount on annual plan
  • Unlimited workflow in every plan
  • A Free plan with 100 tasks/month

Konnectzit Disadvantages

  • Konnectzit is very new compared to Zapier, Pabbly Connect.
  • Less functions
  • Only 500+ integrated apps
  • Subaccounts are available in agency plan only

Konnectzit Prices

Konnectzit offers four plans:

1) Free Plan – $0/month with 100 tasks/month

2) Pro Plan – $12/month for 10,000 tasks/month

3) Team Plan – $15/month for 15,000 tasks/month plus you can add two team members

4) Agency Plan – $50/month for 50,000 tasks/month plus additional features such as subaccounts and priority support.

Konnectzit also offers an annual plan which provides a 20% discount.

5. Zapier alternative: n8n.io

Summary: n8n.io is an open-source, low-code workflow automation tool that is a good alternative to Zapier. It allows you to create custom workflows and automate tasks without much coding. n8n.io has integration with over 300+ applications. Plus, n8n.io offers self-hosted & desktop apps which are free and you can use to automate tasks.

n8n.io - Zapier Alternative

n8n.io Advantages

  • Good for techie users
  • Free desktop app

n8n.io Disadvantages

  • Customer support is NOT available in the free plan
  • A limited number of integrations compared to other tools like Zapier
  • n8n could pricing plan is more expensive than Pabbly Connect and integrately
  • No money-back guarantee on paid plans
  • Limited features

n8n.io Prices

n8n.io offers three pricing plans: Start, Pro, and Power. The Start plan costs €20/month and allows you to create up to 20 workflows with 5000 tasks/month.

The Pro plan starts at euro €50/month, and you get 15,000 tasks/month, and you can create 100 active workflows.

Lastly, the Power plan costs €120/month and you get 60,000 tasks per month, and you can have 200 active workflows.

6. Microsoft Power Automate

Summary: Microsoft Power Automate is an automation tool that allows you to create automated workflows between apps. With Power Automate, users can connect different applications, automate repetitive tasks, and easily create custom workflows.

Microsoft Power Automate - Zapier Alternative

Microsoft Power Automate Advantages

  • 450+ integrated applications
  • All the Microsoft apps are integrated
  • Pay as you go plan
  • Monthly plan starts at $15/month
  • 25% off in the first year for new Power Automate Customer
  • Ready to use automation template

Microsoft Power Automate Disadvantages

  • Learning curve is required
  • Limited number of integrated applications
  • Hard to use interface

Microsoft Power Automate Prices

Microsoft Power Automate offers two pricing plans: Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly. The Pay-As-You-Go plan starts at $0.40 per action, while the Monthly plan starts at $15/month for up to 241 connectors with unlimited flows. Microsoft Power Automate charges you based on flow action.

Learn how Microsoft Automate Calculates Tasks

7. For tech users: IFTTT

Summary: IFTTT is also a Zapier alternative and an old automation tool that you can use to create automation. Through IFTTT, you can connect different applications and build automation workflows. IFTTT provides a wide range of triggers, actions, and conditions for creating complex automation.

IFTTT - Zapier Alternative

IFTTT Advantages

  • 700+ applications integrated
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Free plan is available

IFTTT Disadvantages

  • Limited integrations
  • User interface is not beginner friendly
  • Coding knowledge is required to use IFTTT effectively


IFTTT Prices

IFTTT offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro and Pro+. The Free plan is free of charge and allows users to create automation with limited applets. The Pro plan starts at $1.99/month and provides access 20 applets and multi-action applets. Lastly, the Pro+ plan starts at $5/month and provides access to unlimited applets and you get developer tools, and connect multiple accounts.

8. Best for Large Businesses: Celigo

Summary: Celigo offers a wide variety of services and one of their services is named as iPaaS which allows you to integrate applications. Celigo integrates with multiple applications, and they have pre-built automation that you can use easily.

Celigo also provides advanced features, such as the ability to schedule automation to run at specific times or when certain conditions are met. It also supports data loss prevention (DLP) policies which help protect sensitive data from unauthorized access or misuse.

Plus, Celigo integrates with popular platforms such as Salesforce so users can easily monitor their automated workflows within the platform.

Celigo Advantages

  • Build advanced and deep automation
  • You can integrate almost any apps
  • Good for enterprise businesses
  • Great support

Celigo Disadvantages

  • Expensive pricing
  • Plans start at $600/month
  • Not for beginners

Pricing plans of Celigo

The Starter plan starts at $600/month and provides access to all free edition features + 3 endpoints integrate on-premise apps, support for edi integrations, essential customer success.

The Professional plan starts at $1,200/month. In this plan, you get all standard edition features + 5 endpoints, 2 edi trading partners included, api management.

Then, the Enterprise plan starts at $2,400/month and provides access to all premium edition features + 7 endpoints, 5 edi trading partners included, and preferred customer success.

Top Zapier Alternatives Video

Stop paying Zapier expensive bills when you can get the same thing done at a cheaper price. Explore top Zapier alternatives with pricing, advantages and features.

FAQs: Zapier Alternatives

Question: Is there something better than Zapier?

Answer: YES, Pabbly Connect is better than Zapier. If you had asked this question in 2019, my answer would be Zapier. Back then, no-code integration platforms were available and easy to use as Zapier.

Question: What is an alternative to Zapier?

Answer: Pabbly Connect is by far the BEST Zapier alternative and, in many cases, Pabbly Connect has surpassed Zapier.

Question: Which is better: automate.IO or Zapier?

Answer: Unfortunately, Automate IO has been shut down. So Zapier is better.

Question: Is IFTTT or Zapier better?

Answer: Zapier is way better than IFTTT. There is no comparison between Zapier and IFTTT at all.

Question: Is Power Automate similar to Zapier?

Answer: Yes, it does the same thing but not as easy to use as Zapier. There are many tools that can allow you to integrate two applications but not every platform can make a piece of cake to connect two different applications.

Question: Which is better, Zapier or Integromat?

Answer: In terms of user interface and ease of usage, Zapier is better than Integromat. In pricing, Integromat is better.

Question: Why is Zapier the best?

Answer: Because Zapier started the idea of no-code integration. It’s the oldest integration platform and a billion-dollar company.

Question: Is Integromat cheaper than Zapier?

Answer: Yes. Zapier basic plan starts at $29.99/month while Integromat (Now Make) plan starts at $11/month. And there is a huge difference in the number of tasks you get.

Question: How do I automate without Zapier?

Answer: You can integrate without Zapier through APIs. The software which Zapier integrates with has API and documentation. Through that you can integrate applications. If you know coding then you can do it yourself. It’s not that hard. Else you have to hire developers.

Question: Is Zapier a no-code tool?

Answer: YES, Zapier is a no-code tool. You can connect two applications without coding. All the coding will be happening in the backend.

Final Thoughts on Top Zapier’s Alternative

I’ve shared 8 Zapier alternatives. If you would ask me what’s the 1 tool that you would recommend, it would be Pabbly Connect. I have used Pabbly Connect and Zapier, and if you want to cut your Zapier expensive bills, then Pabbly Connect is the software you need.

But make sure you figure out your use case, then choose the software. You’ll get similar features but at an affordable price.

Pabbly Connect has an ongoing lifetime deal. So make sure you check out that if you’re a small business owner and have low task usage per month.

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