Pabbly Connect Vs. Integrately: Which is Better?

Are you confused between Pabbly Connect and Integrately? Yes!

In today’s article, I will compare Pabbly connect and Intgrately. You’ll get to know about the functions, pricing and benefits of both automation software!

What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is a cloud-based platform that allows people to connect different software applications and automate various processes without any code.

Pabbly Connect offers a lot of features, such as the ability to create custom integrations using a visual interface, set up automated workflows, and manage data across different applications.

Pabbly Connect is designed to make it easy for users to connect and automate various systems and processes, saving time and improving efficiency. Whether you want to automate your course delivery or push data from Facebook lead ads to Google Sheets.

With the help of Pabbly Connect, you easily do it.

Pabbly Connect Pros and Cons

In the chart below, I have explained Pabbly Connect pros and cons.



Best Suited for

Simple and easy to use platform and doesn’t require technical skills.

No LIVE chat support

Small and big businesses

1000 integrated apps

User interface is not that great

Freelancers, coaches, and consultants

Free internal tasks and apps


Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect offers four plans, including a free plan.

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Free plan: You get 100 tasks every month. Plus, all the features. Free plan is good to test the software before going for the paid plan.

Standard Plan: This plan costs $19/month and includes all of the features of the free plan, and you get 12,000 tasks per month.

Pro Plan: This plan costs $39 per month and includes all of the features of the starter plan, you get 24,000 tasks/month.

Ultimate Plan: This plan costs $79 per month and all the functions and 50,000 tasks every month.

Pabbly Connect offers all the features in every plan. Features are not restricted to any higher plans.

Plus, when you opt for the annual plan, you get 15% off and longer the plan, you choose the more discount you get.

Check the Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect offers FREE internal tasks – Internal Steps and Triggers don’t exhaust your paid tasks. In comparison to rivals, this allows you up to three times as many workflow executions.

Pabbly Connect Free Task

Ease of use

Pabbly Connect offers its services at an affordable price, that’s why it’s the best tool to use. It is a simple and easy-to-use platform that allows us to automate mundane tasks and connect different applications such as Slack, Google Forms, Google Sheets and many more.

Even if you have not used any automation software, you can effortlessly use Pabbly Connect. It’s that simple!

If you face any issue, then Pabbly Connect offers 1000s of tutorials. Watch them and learn to automate your business!

Special Features

  • Free internal tasks. Internal apps and initial step tasks won’t be counted as paid tasks. 🙂
  • Easy to use interface. No coding knowledge is required.
  • Integrates with 1000+ applications. And the number is increasing rapidly.
  • A huge library of tutorials on automation
  • Affordable and simple pricing plans
  • Ability to integrate your custom application with Pabbly Connect


Pabbly Connect Support

You can contact Pabbly Connect support team by filling a form or email or message them in Pabbly Forum.

They usually reply within 24-48 hours. Plus, you have a Pabbly Forum and Facebook group. There people are active and ask for help there too. If it’s not related to billing or any account-related issue.

Pabbly Connect Support hours: From 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM IST, Except Saturday and Sunday).

*IST – Indian Standard Time

What is Integrately?

Integrately is a platform that allows users to create integrations between different software applications and can automate redundant tasks.

Integrately is an alternative to Zapier and Pabbly Connect.

You can expect similar functions with a better user interface and different pricing.

Integrately Pros and Cons



Best Suited For

Ease of use with millions of pre-built 1-click automations.

Pricing offer of Integrately is a little costly

Freelancers, small business owens

Beautiful and easy to use interface

In multi-step automation, the selection of multiple apps are required simultaneously


Fast Live & Email Support

Features are limited higher plans


1000+ integrated applications


Integrately team can build automation for you


Integrately Pricing

Integrately doesn’t offer any Free plan like Pabbly Connect. Instead, Integrately offers a 14-Day Free trial. During the trial, you can use up to 1000 tasks.

Integrately starts from $19 with a starter pack. Integrately Pricing is more expensive than Pabbly Connect.

Start your automation journey with basic workflows. The billing can be done annually as well as monthly according to your need.

The pricing you’re seeing in annual pricing. This means when you opt for the annual plan then you get this pricing.

Integrately monthly pricing is more expensive.

Integrately Pricing Plans

Ease of use

Clean and user-friendly interface. Just like Pabbly Connect, no coding knowledge is required.

Integrately offers ready-made automation. You can start using them with a button click.

Special Features

  • Integrately team can build automation for you at no extra cost.
  • 8 million+ ready automation.
  • 1000+ integrations.
  • No separate step is required to modify data. It can be quickly done when mapping the data/fields, using the ‘Modify Data’ option
  • User interface is far better than Zapier and Pabbly Connect


Integrately offers LIVE chat and email support. They usually respond within under 5-10 minutes. Support wise Integrately is great!

Integrately vs Pabbly Connect: Feature-wise Comparison

In the chart, I will compare Pabbly Connect and Integrately functions wise.


Pabbly Connect


Number of apps



Lifetime Deal

YES but not stackable. Learn More

No lifetime deal


No-code integration software with 1000s of tutorials on automation

No-code software with ready-made workflows.


Basic plan starts at $19/month

Basic plan starts at $29.99/month


Email Support only

LIVE and Email Support


You get all the features in every plan

Some features are not available in the basic plan

Free plan

YES! You get 100 tasks every month

Free 14-Day Trial

Dedicated automation expert

No. But you can find experts in the group and they’re willing to help for FREE!

Integrately team can build automation for you at zero extra cost.

Difficulty Level

Both software doesn’t require coding knowledge

Same as Pabbly Connect

Customer base



Pabbly Connect & Integrately Pricing Plan Comparison

Pabbly Connect









$0 (100 task/mo)

14-Day Trial

100 tasks


$19 (12,000 tasks/mo)


$29.99 (2,000 tasks/m)


$39 (24,000 tasks/mo)


$49(10,000 tasks/m)


$79 (50,000 tasks/mo)


$124 (30,000 tasks/m)



$299 (150,000 tasks/m)

Explore Pabbly Connect Pricing

Explore Integrately Pricing

Pabbly Connect Vs. Integrately – Final Thoughts

Both Pabbly Connect and Integrately do the same thing. Ensure you carefully consider the specific needs and requirements of your business when choosing a platform for integration and automation.

  • Feature-wise Pabbly Connect wins here.
  • Pabbly Connect pricing plans are more affordable than Integrately.
  • User interface wise Integrately wins here.
  • Support wise Integrately wins

Pabbly Connect offers you a FREE account with 100 tasks and all the features.

Try Pabbly Connect!

And if you’re still not sure about Pabbly Connect. I reviewed Pabbly Connect in one of my blog posts.

And Integrately offers you a 14-Day Free trial.

Try Integrately

If you want a more affordable and feature-loaded automation tool, then Pabbly Connect is best for you.

And Pabbly Connect offers lifetime deals too. If you are a small business owner, this deal can be good for you!

Check out Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal.

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