What is WhatsApp Business API: A Full Guide

Are you confused about what a Business API is? Because there is WhatsApp Business too. If you want to know everything about WhatsApp Business API, stay tuned.

In the end, I will answer the most common questions about WhatsApp Business API.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is a platform that allows anyone to create custom applications that work with WhatsApp.

This includes applications for business purposes such as sending marketing notifications, shipping status, and more.

WhatsApp Business API offers a variety of features and capabilities, so it can be used in many different ways.

For example, you could use it to send automated messages or send the course access on WhatsApp.

It also has integrations with other platforms like Shopify, Chatrace, and Magento, which makes it easy to manage WhatsApp marketing from one place.

The best part?

Millions of people are using WhatsApp, and as a business owner, you can reach out to your target leads and nurture and convert them on WhatsApp.

How to Get WhatsApp Business API?

Getting WhatsApp Business API is not as easy as creating an account. You must have the following things to get the WhatsApp Business API.

1) A verified Facebook Business Manager. Creating a Business Manager is FREE.

Things you need to verify a Business Manager:

You either have a GST and shop establishment certificate or incorporation certificate or if you have a private limited company, then share that doc.

A good website with all the essential pages like about us, contact us, terms and conditions, etc.

It can take up to 20 days to verify your Business Manager.

2) A fresh phone number that’s not on the WhatsApp application.

3) Go to the developers.Facebook.com section and create an application

Watch the video below to understand the third step.

The main thing is getting your business manager verified. Then everything is easy, and you can set it up within a few minutes.

Now let’s learn how to send messages using WhatsApp Business API.

How to send messages using WhatsApp Business API?

Now we have got the WhatsApp Business API. So there are two ways to send messages using WhatsApp API.

1) Code. If you know how to code, then through coding, you can send messages.

But I am not a coder. So, without coding, I will show you how to send messages.

2) Use third-party tools like Pabbly Connect or Chatrace. You need to connect WhatsApp business API with these tools, and you’re ready to send messages.

I will be sending messages through Pabbly Connect.

How to connect WhatsApp Business to Pabbly Connect?

Step 1: Create a Pabbly Connect account. Creating an account is FREE.

Step 2: Generate a permanent token key.

Step 3: Enter the token ID, Phone number ID, and WhatsApp business account ID, and click save.

Pabbly Connect WhatsApp integration

Step 4: Map out the data source (from where you’ll receive the DATA, such as name and phone number).

Step 5: Send a test message.

This is a manual way of sending a WhatsApp message. What if you want to send a series of messages based on the user’s behavior?

You can create that level of automation with Chatrace + WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing

WhatsApp Business API uses a conversation-based pricing model. Which means you’ll have to pay per message.

There are two types of charges in WhatsApp Business API:

1) Business-initiated message. When you send a message to users, that will be a business-initiated message, and you’ll pay for each delivered message.

2) User-initiated message. When the users send you a message on WhatsApp, that comes under user-initiated message.

For example, you’ll have to pay INR 0.48 paisa for every business-initiated message.

I want to send 10,000 messages. I’ll have to pay INR 4,800/-

You can see WhatsApp API pricing based on different countries.

Plus, you’ll receive 1,000 free conversations every month. You can utilize that to send messages and get some leads. 🙂

Free entry point conversations. That conversation is not chargeable when you run ads to get messages on WhatsApp. This means those messages will not fall under user-initiated messages.

Note: This applies to the first message; subsequent messages will be charged.

WhatsApp Business API Limitations

There are some limitations with WhatsApp Business API.

1) You can send messages after the 24-hour limit. However, you’ll be charged for each message if you want to send messages.

And even if the user sends a message after 24 hours, WhatsApp will still charge you.

These 24-hour limits can be higher such as 48 hours or 7 days.

2) People can’t call you on WhatsApp. With Business API, there is no option for people to connect with you through a WhatsApp call.

That’s another downside of WhatsApp Business API.

3) Initially, when you get WhatsApp business API, you can send a limited number of messages per day.

Then based on your sending message quality WhatsApp will increase the sending limit.

WhatsApp Business API sending limit

Right now, I can send 100K messages in a 24-hour window. That’s massive. Isn’t it?

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

Despite many disadvantages, WhatsApp Business API is still great.

Here are the benefits of using WhatsApp API:

1) You can send automated messages like emails or create WhatsApp automation.

2) You can build WhatsApp Chatbots that create engagement and prepare them to buy your products or services.

3) You’ll receive up to 90% open rates. That means more people see your messages, and you get a higher click-through rate.

WhatsApp Messages Open Rates

If I would have sent an email I would hardly get 10-15% open rates. However, on WhatsApp, I got 71.7% open rates. A number that every marketer loves to see.

4) Your chances of getting banned are very less because you’re using the official WhatsApp API.

5) You can connect the WhatsApp API with different apps and reach out to your customer in different ways on WhatsApp.

For example, you can use WhatsApp API to deliver the course access or onboard your customers.

Or if you have an important announcement, send a WhatsApp broadcast. The sky’s the limit.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Business are two separate things.

WhatsApp Business Application

  • WhatsApp Business Application is FREE.
  • Mostly local and small businesses use the WhatsApp Business application.
  • You can’t send automated messages with the WhatsApp Business app.
  • You can’t connect the WhatsApp Business application with third-party tools or software.

WhatsApp Business API

  • WhatsApp API is the complete opposite of the WhatsApp Business Application.
  • WhatsApp Business API is paid.
  • You can build chatbots using WhatsApp API.
  • Small and large corporations use WhatsApp Business API like Flipkart, Kotak, Housing.com, and more.
  • You can connect WhatsApp API with any third-party tools.
  • You can create advanced automation with WhatsApp API

So now you know the clear difference between the WhatsApp Business application and WhatsApp Business API.

Let me answer commonly asked questions about WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API Questions

Can I send WhatsApp messages via API?

Yes, WhatsApp Business API allows you to send messages, audio, Files, and videos.

How do I write a marketing message on WhatsApp?

You can write it as a normal marketing message but keep it short, punchy, and persuasive. Due to its limitations, you can’t write long marketing messages on WhatsApp.

Is there any free API to send WhatsApp messages?

Unfortunately, there is no FREE API to send WhatsApp messages. However, WhatsApp gives you 1,000 free conversations every month. That you can use to send messages.

There are unofficial WhatsApp APIs, but if you send a large number of messages, then your number might get banned on WhatsApp. Be aware of that.

Does WhatsApp have a Bot API?

With WhatsApp Business API, you can develop chatbots. For example, connect the WhatsApp API with Chatrace, and you can build chatbots that work on WhatsApp.

Can I send bulk messages using WhatsApp Business API?

Of course, you can send bulk messages using WhatsApp business API. But do remember, you can’t spam people’s WhatsApp numbers. You must have permission to send them messages on WhatsApp, or else you’ll get your number banned from WhatsApp.

Be mindful when sending messages on WhatsApp. Send useful, relevant things only.

Is WhatsApp marketing legal?

YES. If you have the user’s permission to send messages, then it’s 100% legal to market on WhatsApp.

How can I bulk WhatsApp marketing for free?

You can use unofficial APIs such as WA Web Plus to send messages on WhatsApp for FREE. But remember, your number can be banned from WhatsApp at any time. So keep that in mind when sending messages on WhatsApp through an unofficial API.

Can you run ads on WhatsApp?

Right now, Meta doesn’t allow you to run ads on WhatsApp. But you can run Facebook ads and ask users to message you on your WhatsApp number.

Is WhatsApp business API available for everyone?

Every registered business can get WhatsApp Business API. You must have a verified Facebook manager and a phone number to get WhatsApp business API.

Is WhatsApp API free?

No. WhatsApp API uses a conversation-based pricing mode. Which means you pay per message.

Can WhatsApp Business number be used on multiple devices?

A single WhatsApp number can be on a single device. However, if the number is associated with WhatsApp Business API, then you can’t use it with the WhatsApp application. To use the number, you have to delete it from the WhatsApp Business API account then you can use the number in the WhatsApp application.

What is the best WhatsApp API provider?

360 Dialog is the BEST WhatsApp Business API provider. You can send unlimited messages. Of course, you have to pay for the message cost + 360 Dialog fixed monthly fee, which starts from euro 29/month.


Today we talked about WhatsApp Business API, the requirements to get WhatsApp Business API, and how to send messages using WhatsApp Business API.

We discussed the difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp business application.

Do you want to know how to use WhatsApp marketing in your business to grow sales & lead engagement?

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If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. I will answer!

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