WebinarKit LTD New Pricing + OTOs

Are you looking to know more about WebinarKit Lifetime Deal? Yes, this blog post is for you. 

When I bought WebinarKit lifetime deal, the software was very basic. Since then, WebinarKit has added a lot of features and made the software valuable. 

Is WebinarKit Lifetime Deal Ending?  

No. WebinarKit lifetime deal is not ending yet. However, WebinarKit LTD price has increased. I will talk more about it in a moment. WebinarKit has been running the lifetime deal for the past 2 years, and they’ve acquired 12,000+ customers. Now, WebinarKit has introduced recurring plans and increased lifetime deal prices. For example, WebinarKit LIVE and WebinarKit Whitelabel.

The goal of a lifetime deal is to get initial funding, so founders can develop the software and charge recurring fees. 

In the software business, there are monthly costs such as hosting, support, team, and marketing. The main thing is the server bill. 

Hosting and running webinars is NO joke. It is a server intense task. To sustain the software, the business must have a monthly recurring revenue (MRR). So they can pay their server bills and keep the software up and running for you. 

Not sure whether you should grab a WebinarKit lifetime deal or not. Stay tuned with me. I will help you out. 

What is WebinarKit? 

WebinarKit allows you to run automated and live webinars. Through WebinarKit, you can run just in time, daily, weekly, and monthly automated webinars. 

However, WebinarKit Live allows you to conduct LIVE webinars like ZOOM or Go to Meeting. 

Currently, WebinarKit is running its lifetime deal. With WebinarKit you can set up automated webinars that will keep on running until you stop them. 🙂

Let’s discuss WebinarKit pricing. 

WebinarKit Lifetime Deal Pricing 

WebinarKit lifetime deal costs $399 – $599 (Price can vary as they run different campaigns and offer discount coupons). 

On top of it, WebinarKit has a few OTOs (upgrades/add-ons). Right now, WebinarKit has 3 OTOs, including WebinarKit Live.  

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WebinatKit OTOs:  

  • WebinarKit Pro 
  • WebinarKit Agency
  • WebinarKit Live 

Is it necessary to grab WebinarKit Pro?

YES. WebinarKit pro will work only when you have the WebinarKit lifetime deal. 

Then, you can upgrade to WebinarKit Pro. WebinarKit Pro allows you to host webinar files on WebinarKit’s server. 

Hence, no need to use third-party video hosting services such as Vimeo Pro, etc. 

WebinarKit Pro costs $199. Which is a one-time payment. 

WebinarKit Agency

If you take the agency plan, you can create up to 25 sub-accounts. Sub-accounts will have similar functions like the main account. 

With WebinarKit Agency, you can invite freelancers or hire someone to set up automated webinars for you. It’s a really useful feature. 

WebinarKit agency costs $297 (A one-time fee). 

NOTE: WebinarKit Lifetime Deal price is increased on 1st March 2023. There are two pricing for WebinarKit.

You can learn more about WebinarKit OTOs/Upsells/Add-ons.

Let’s talk about WebinarKit main functions. 

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WebinarKit Core Features

I’ll not explain all the features that WebinarKit offers. If you want to know the complete features of WebinarKit. You can read WebinarKit review

However, I have listed some main features below:

1. Lightweight, Fast registration & Thank You Pages

WebinarKit pages load extremely fast no matter what browser or device you use. WebinarKit pages will load blazing fast. 

Now, you can embed WebinarKit form on your web pages or landing pages. If you don’t like WebinarKit’s in-built page editor. Simply embed the registration form on your landing page/web page. 

2. Run automated Webinars Anytime

WebinarKit allows you to run webinars anytime. Select your country’s time zone and set up the webinar. You can run your webinars instantly, daily, weekly, or monthly. 

3. Live Chat During Automated Webinars

You’ll have this functionality when you upgrade to WebinarKit Pro. Which will cost $199 (A one-time payment) or $10/month.

Through WebinarKit chat simulator, you can answer attendees’ questions in real-time or hire somebody to do this for you. 

It will increase your Webinar engagement rate. More engagement, more sales. 🙂 

4. Web-based Webinar Platform – No Download Required  

WebinarKit is a completely cloud-based application. To use WebinarKit, you don’t need to download anything or webinar attendees. 

WebinarKit pages are mobile-friendly. Your users will not have any issues attending your webinar through mobile devices. 

5. Build Webinar Funnels That Sells

Through WebinarKit, you can build your whole webinar funnel. 

You can set up pre and post-webinar email sequences and send SMS reminders. For SMS reminders, you’ll have to pay per message. 

After the webinar ends, you can send the recordings to those who registered for the webinar but didn’t show up. 

WebinarKit gives you complete analytics of your webinar.

For example:

  • How many people landed on your webinar registration page?
  • How many sign-ups have you got? 
  • Webinar attendance rate
  • Webinar engagement rate
  • How many attendees clicked on your offer CTA?

You get a complete picture of your webinar funnel. You can optimize your webinar funnel and make more money based on real data. 

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WebinarKit Integrations

WebinarKit integrates with Zapier and some major autoresponders such as: 

  • Active Campaign 
  • ConvertKit 
  • Keap (Formerly InfusionSoft)
  • MailerLite 
  • Aweber 
  • GetResponse 
  • MailChimp 
  • SendInBlue 
  • SendLane 
  • SendFox 
  • And many more. 

WebinarKit integrates with Google Calendar too. However, through Zapier you can connect WebinarKit to your favorite apps. 

WebinarKit doesn’t have webhook functionality yet. Webhook function is under development. 

Using Webhooks you can send data from WebinarKit to any application that supports webhook.

WebinarKit Live: Is it Different from WebinarKit?  

Through WebinarKit live, you can host live webinars like Zoom or Go to meeting. WebinarKit Live charges a monthly/yearly fee. 

WebinarKit Live is different from WebinarKit. WebinarKit allows your host automated webinars. Both are webinar software, but it’s a matter of automated or live.  

WebinarKit Vs. WebinarJam (Main Difference) 

Webinarkit and Webinarjam are both online platforms for hosting and managing LIVE & automated webinars.

Key differences between WebinarKit and WebinarJam:

  • Features. Webinarjam offers a more function-loaded platform, with tools for live streaming, polls and surveys, and integrations with email marketing tools. Webinarkit is a more basic platform, with lesser functions.
  • Price. Webinarjam is more expensive than Webinarkit, with monthly subscription plans starting at $39 (billed annually). Webinarkit has a lower starting price, with plans starting at $31.06/mo (billed annually).
  • Ease of use. Both platforms are easy to use, but Webinarjam may be more suitable for users who want a more comprehensive and feature-rich platform. Webinarkit may be better for users who want a simpler, more straightforward platform.

However, WebinarKit allows you to host automated webinars that can run anytime. That’s the main difference between WebinarKit vs. WebinarJam. 

Plus, software affordability also matters. WebinarKit lifetime deal pricing might increase over time.

WebinarJam’s basic plan starts at $39/month and goes up to $500/month. 

WebinarJam is suitable for conducting live webinars. On the other hand, WebinarKit is ideal for running automated webinars. 

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WebinarKit Reviews

I have written an in-depth article reviewing WebinarKit. Read my honest WebinarKit Review.

Here are some WebinarKit reviews: 

WebinarKit Resources 

I have put together all the useful WebinarKit resources. You can find them below:

WebinarKit Login 

Click here to login 

WebinarKit Help 

Got stuck while setting up your first automated webinar? Go through WebinarKit support articles or contact WebinarKit support. 

Visit the WebinarKit support center.

WebinarKit Roadmap

WebinarKit has two roadmaps: 

1) WebinarKit. 

2) WebinarKit Live. 

See WebinarKit roadmap.

Summary – WebinarKit Lifetime Deal

I hope you found this post valuable. Remember, WebinarKit lifetime deal is not ending yet but price has increased. Right now, WebinarKit LTD costs $399 – $599 (one-time fee).

When I bought WebinarKit LTD, it cost $67 only. So grab WebinarKit deal if you can.

I hope this post helped you make an informed decision about WebinarKit Lifetime Deal. 

I’ve been using WebinarKit software. WebinarKit is an affordable automated webinar software that will get the job done. 

In this post, we discussed: 

  • WebinarKit Lifetime Deal Pricing 
  • WebinarKit core features 
  • WebinarKit OTOs
  • WebinarKit integrations 
  • WebinarKit roadmap  

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Grab WebinarKit Lifetime Deal before it expires. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. I’ll answer. Still not sure about WebinarKit lifetime deal? You can read my honest WebinarKit review.

Thanks for reading. 🙂 

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