Seritifer Review: Pros, Cons, and Pricing Details

Are you looking for reliable, easy-to-use software to send digital certificates and badges automatically? 

You may find Sertifier useful. But, you are not sure whether Sertifier is suitable for your use case or not? 

In today’s Sertifier review, I will present you with everything you need to make an informed decision about Sertifier. 

I will share my experience of using Sertifier to send certificates automatically. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Sertifier? 

Sertifier allows you to design and send digital badges/certificates on autopilot. 

The best part is these certificates and badges are verifiable. Yes, you heard it right. 

And, you can automate the whole process of distributing certificates/badges with Sertifier. 

Final Verdict – Sertifier Review

I am actively using Sertifier for my client’s coaching business. 

I’m confident to say that Sertifier is a reliable and one of the best certificate distribution software. 

Plus, Sertifier solves a unique problem that nobody is solving right now.  

If you’re a coach or consultant, you want to give certificates to your students. Sertifier is a perfect tool for you. 

Sertifier integrates with all the major software like Zoom or Zapier (integration platform). 

You can easily design verifiable certificates and badges and send them to your students automatically. 

Things I like About Sertifier 

Beginner-Friendly User Interface

I bought Sertifier when the user interface wasn’t that pleasant. 

Now, the Sertifier user interface is pleasing to the eyes and easy to use. 

So even if you’re tech illiterate, you can start using Sertifier instantly. 

Detailed Reporting of Issued Certificates

Sertifier gives detailed analytics of how many certificates you sent out.

You can track;

  • How many users see the issued certificate? 
  • How many of them downloaded the certificate? 
  • Social shares
  • And every detail about the issued certificates. 🙂 
Seritifer Review

Your brand reach increases organically when your students share it on their social media handles. 

Distributing certificates is a great way to get free traffic. 

Pre-made, customizable certificate templates

You can design your certificates from scratch or use one of their pre-made certificate templates. 

You can customize certificates to match your branding. 

Seritifer Editor

You can design different types of certificates such as,

  • Landscape certificate 
  • Portrait 
  • Letter landscape 
  • Legal landscape 
  • Legal portrait 

Sertifier design editor is flexible, and you can customize almost everything from images to fonts to colors. 

Badges are also available

Sometimes, you want to issue badges if a participants reach a milestone rather than giving a certificate. 

Luckily, with Sertifier, you can design badges too. There are 20+ pre-made badge templates. 

You can use any of them and customize them per your needs. 

Send multiple Certificates/Badges to a Single User 

Sertifier allows you to send multiple certificates/badges to a single user. 

Sertifier charges you based on the number of unique users that receive your certificates or badges. 

Distribute Certificate on your domain 

Sertifier allows you to connect your domain. So when downloading the certificate, users will see your brand name instead of the Sertifier domain. 

It’s a good function for personal branding. Isn’t it? 

Customize the certificate delivery email 

Certificates and badges will be delivered via email. 

Seritifer Email Editor

You can customize the certificate delivery email too. You can change the email subject line, body copy, and everything. 

Generate Verifiable Certificates

As I said, all the issued certificates and badges are verifiable. 

Plus, users can see all of their issued certificates/badges by you, entering their email addresses on the verification page. 

Things I Don’t Like About Sertifier 

So far, I’ve talked about the good stuff. Next, let’s discuss the things I don’t like about Sertifier.

The learning curve required to use Sertifier

Sertifier is loaded with many functions. Therefore, it may take some time to understand and use the functions. 

It’s not that hard. You can quickly learn the essentials by watching Sertifier’s tutorials or reading help articles. And get started quickly. 🙂 

Can’t Send Unlimited Certificates in the Basic Plan 

In the basic plan, you can send certificates and badges up to 1000 unique recipients. In my opinion, the limit should be higher, at least 4000 – 5000. 

Pricing might be expensive for starters 

If you’re a beginner coach or consultant, you may find Sertifier expensive. 

Sertifier Premium Plus costs $250 per month. 

In this plan, all the branding and custom domain functions are given, which is not good. Those features should be in the lower plans. 

Let’s talk about Sertifier pricing plans and what you get in each plan. 

Sertifier Pricing 

Currently, Seritifer has three paid plans. Here they are: 

Basic – $50/month 

  • Up to 1000 recipients
  • Marketing metrics
  • Skill analysis

Premium – $150/month 

  • Unlimited recipients
  • API key access
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Plus, all Basic plan features
Seritifer Pricing

Premium Plus – $250/month 

  • Unlimited recipients
  • Premium branding
  • Email branding
  • Custom verification page
  • Support priority
  • Plus, All Premium plan features

When billed annually, you get 25% OFF on all the plans.

Sertifier has an Enterprise Plan. If you want a customized plan, you can contact Seritifer support. 

Sertifier Customer Service

Sertifier offers LIVE chat & email support. Sertifier replies in a few hours. 

24×7 live support is available in the Premium and Premium Plus plans. 

Overall Sertifier customer service is good. Support is not too good or bad. 

Sertifier FREE Trial

You can sign up for Sertifier FREE plan to test it. Sertifier paid plan comes with a 7-day FREE trial. 

You can sign up for that as well. Click the button below to try Sertifier for free.

Sertifier Reviews 

I have been using Sertifier for my clients, and it’s working great. Have a look at what people have to say about Sertifier. 

Seritifer Review
Seritifer Review
Seritifer Review
Seritifer Review

Sertifier Lifetime Deal (LTD)

In 2020 Sertifier offered a lifetime deal on various LTD platforms such as AppSumo and Pitchground to raise funds to develop the tool. 

Now, they have monthly pricing. 

You can try the Sertifier for FREE because Sertifier has a FREE plan. In which you can send certificates and badges up to 20 users. 🙂 

It’s more than enough to try out Sertifier. 

How Does Sertifier Work? 

Sertifier is simple and easy-to-use software. Once you have gone through the training, you can start designing your certificates or badges. 

You can choose from pre-made certificate & badge designs and customize them. 

Step 1: You design the certificates, add the skills and choose the appropriate settings. 

Step 2: Integrate with your LMS, Zoom, or any other data source. 

Step 3: Customize the certificate delivery email. 

Step 4: Click send, and Sertifier will send certificates or badges through email. 

Sertifier Integration 

Sertifer has 8 integration with third-party platforms. 

Here is the list of software that integrates with Sertifier: 

1. Zoom 

2. Thinkific 

3. TutorLMS 

4. Moodle 

5. Pabbly Connect – You can connect Sertifier with 1000+ applications. The same thing Zapier does as well. 

6. Zapier 

7. Hopin

8. Canvas 

Who Should Use Sertifier? 

Sertifier can be useful for,

  • Training providers,
  • Associations,
  • Corporates,
  • Coaches and consultants
  • And universities  

Using Sertifier to distribute certificates and badges will create FREE brand awareness, and more people will join your coaching programs or the service you’re offering. 

Sertifier allows recipients to share their certificates and badges on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more. 

Sertifier Alternative

There are no alternative options I can see that replace Sertifier. 

Of course, there are workarounds, but no proper software delivers certificates and badges as Sertifier does. 

Sertifier Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Sertifier? 

Sertifier offers a comprehensive workflow for creating, sending, and tracking digital badges and certificates. 

Step 1: You create a certificate or a badge 

Step 2: Publish and share 

Step 3: Track the engagement and social shares  

In that way, you can measure your certificate marketing progress. 🙂  

Sertifier LTD.

Right now, Sertifier is not running any lifetime deal (LTD). However, you can buy their monthly or annual plan. 

Sertifier basic plan starts at $50 per month and goes up to $250/month. 

Check out the Sertifier pricing here.

Sertifier AppSumo

Sertifier ran LTD campaigns on Appsumo. Sertifier offered the Premium Plus plan to lifetime deal users. 

Seritifer AppSumo Deal

Can I integrate Sertifier with my LMS? 

Yes. You can integrate Sertifier with any software using Pabbly Connect or Zapier if you use Thinkific, TutorLMS, or Moodle as your LMS. 

Sertifier has native integration with these tools. 

Conclusion: Sertifier Review

I discussed Sertifier’s pros and cons, the pricing plan, and how Seritifer works in this post.

Sertifier is an easy-to-use and excellent software for automatically distributing verifiable certificates and badges. 

Click here to start a 7-day FREE trial. 

Sertifier offers a FREE plan too. So you can sign up for that to test Sertifier. 

If you have any questions about Sertifier, let me know in the comments below. I will reply. 

If you found this post helpful. 

Feel free to share with anyone who is looking to send software automatically. 

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