Can You Make $500/month from a New Blog?

Are you a new blogger?  

You started a new blog and you might be thinking about how to make money from blogging as a beginner in the shortest amount of time?  

As a new blogger, can you make INR 41,000 ($500) from a brand-new blog? I’ll answer this question later.  

In this post, you’ll get to see a case study on how you can bring $500 from blogging, even if you are a completely new blogger.  

make money from a new blog

Making money from a new blog can be a challenging task.  

However, if you have the right mindset, tools and techniques, then you can monetize your blog from day one. And churn out some money from your blog even if you are not getting free traffic via Google search results.  

I’m damn sure you’ll learn something new from today’s guide. 

Let’s get started! 

Possibility of Making Money from a New Blog 

You see, the possibility of making money from a blog is quite low. But don’t get discouraged.

Even if you have a 1% chance of success, you can make money from a new blog. It seems impossible, but that’s true; that is how I monetized my blog.

NOTE: If you are a new blogger and you’re planning to monetize your blog through Google Adsense, then this article is not for you. 

Because in this article, I am going to show you a few other ways to monetize your blog. So that you can bring at least $500+ per month from your blog. 

bring at least $500+ per month from your blog. 

I will discuss the strategy on how you can drive traffic on your blog even if you don’t have any search traffic.

And, of course, search engine traffic is essential. However, getting SEO traffic takes time. 

It would easily take around 3-6 months to receive search engine traffic.

Firstly, you’re going to learn the simple yet powerful strategies for how you can make at least $500 from a new blog. 

I made money from (a new blog). Now, this blog is not new. However, at the time of writing this article, the blog was new.

From the day first, you have to think about how you can monetize your blog. 

I did the same thing, and I was able to make money from my new blog without having 1000s of visitors.

To make money from a new blog, you need just simple strategies. There are two things you need to make money from any blog:

  1. Targeted traffic 
  2. Helpful content 

You can monetize your blog via affiliate products (my favourite method to monetize a blog). 

You see, there are so many “Product Vendors” available, they have the product & everything, but they aren’t able to bring sales for their product.

However, as an Affiliate, you can help them to bring sales for their product and earn commissions on each sale.  Sounds pleasing? 

Monetizing a blog via affiliate marketing is the simplest and fastest way to earn money from a new blog. 

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing. I wrote an in-depth article on Affiliate Marketing. This guide would help you understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing

To make money from a blog through affiliate marketing, you need three things:

  1. Laser targeted Traffic
  2. High-quality Content 
  3. A great product (which you can find on the Internet)

Initially, you can drive traffic from social media, or you can build an email list from there; you can drive on-demand traffic on your blog. 

You can recommend the affiliate products in your blog posts. Whenever someone purchases the product via your unique affiliate link, you will earn a commission. 

Here’s my story: How I drove traffic on my website by using the Facebook organic method.

So basically, I wrote a review article on my blog about a Digital Marketing Internship program by Digital Deepak. First, I joined the internship, and I found it a very good Digital Marketing internship program (where you can learn & earn at the same time). 

I thought that let me write a review post of whatever I experienced from the internship.

Writing a great review post regarding the internship was easy for me because I participated in that internship. 

And I wrote the pros and cons of the internship. I wrote down everything regarding the internship program. That post was around 2000 words. 

At the end of the blog post, I gave my Affiliate link! 

See, people love to buy from your affiliate link, but the condition is you should provide value first, then recommend any product.

A product that can help your readers to achieve their dreams or solve a particular problem.

I drove traffic from Facebook groups on that article. I was confident about the quality of the content.

These two things (traffic & helpful content) you need to combine in order to make money from a brand-new blog. 

I invest so much time in learning new things. Perhaps, that’s the reason I was able to monetize my blog in the shortest amount of time. 

Learning Curve for A Blogger 

I see a very common mistake that new bloggers make are they don’t learn. If you don’t “Learn then you will never be able to “Earn” from a blog in the shortest span of time.

Learning Curve for A Blogger 

My dear friend, learning is an essential part of our life.

You have to learn every single day, and then you’ll be able to Earn (as much as you want).

Learning helps us to stop making silly mistakes that prevent us from achieving our goals. 

People have already made so many mistakes. You can learn from them and focus on the quick implementation of your learnings. 

Implementation is also very important. I see a lot of new bloggers learn, but they forget to implement. 

See, the implementation is the true key to bringing a MASSIVE change in life. If you’re not implementing whatever you learn, you will not see any changes in life.

Just pick one person (whom you admire or follow). Learn from them and put your learnings into practice. 

The implementation here is most people fail at it. Don’t just learn; practice & use it. It will help you! 

From time to time, analyse your blog. If you are putting in so much time & effort & if you’re not making any money, change your approach. 

Analysing your own blog will help you to figure out what mistakes you are making once you fix that. I’m sure nobody will be able to stop you to make money from your blog.

You need to deliberately improve your skills & improve your blog content. 

Here are some blogs from where you can learn blogging:


Go ahead and learn from these websites. But before that, would you like to know 5 different ways to monetize a blog? 

5 Ways to Make Money from A Blog

1. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and quickest ways to make money from blogging. The best part of affiliate marketing is you don’t need to create any product & provide customer service. 

You just need to promote a product and earn commissions. 

But the question is: How would you promote affiliate products?  

There are many ways to promote affiliate products. 

But the one thing you must need to do in order to promote any affiliate product? 

Can you guess? 

It’s content creation. 

Without the content, nobody would like to buy from your affiliate link. 

The concept of promoting any affiliate product, create content that helps your end-user know the reality of the product. Or how to use the product? 

Ensure your content is valuable for your readers. 

You can create content in different forms, such as blog articles (like this one), videos, eBooks and podcasts. 

You can create extra bonuses (that enhance the product value). If a user buys from your affiliate link, you earn a commission, and your user gets what they were looking for! 

Tip: you will have to give what other people want; automatically, you will get what you want! 

Affiliate marketing is a very good business model for a beginner and pro. Anyone can apply the affiliate marketing business model on their blog and start earning money from day one as long as they have some traffic on their blog.

2. Sell eBooks 

Selling eBooks is also one of the best ways to monetise a blog.

For creating an eBook, you need to find a specific problem for a specific set of audience. Then create an eBook around it and create a good cover for that eBook & market that ebook.  

That’s the process you have to follow if you want to make money by selling eBooks! 

Recently, I created my eBook on Freelancing.

Without any marketing, I brought two sales for my eBook. Now I am thinking of doing Marketing of Freelancing Mastery eBook. It is a problem-solving eBook for those who want to make money online as soon as possible.

Few screenshots of other people that are making money by selling eBooks. 

blogs that make money
Below is another screenshot!
sell ebooks and make money

3. Sell Online Courses

It is similar to selling eBooks, but in online courses, you are required to create a series of videos.

Ensure whenever you create anything in the form of an online course, it should be qualitative. In other words, your online course should help your customers to move from point A (current situation) to B (goal). 

The audio quality & video quality of your course should be top-notch. 

Sell Online Courses

The process of creating an online course.

If you found out that your audience is facing any particular problem in life. And you have the solution because you already have gone through that problem. 

Now you can create a solution in the form of an info product (online course). 

Now, you need to sell your online course. You can price your online course between Rs. 2,000-5000 and maybe more. The online course pricing varies on what kind of problem you are solving for a particular set of audiences.

People are making lakhs & lakhs of Rupees by selling online courses. However, ensure your online course needs to be problem-solving or result-oriented. 

If your course does not bring any transformation in your audience’s life, then your customers will not buy from you again.

4. Serve Advertisement on Your Blog 

Serving advertisements on your blog is another mechanism for making money from a blog.  

However, in order to make money from ads, you need high-volume traffic on your blog. 

On the contrary, if you monetize a blog via affiliate marketing, you don’t need 1000s of visitors. Even if you are getting a few hundred high-quality visitors and if they buy the affiliate products, you can effortlessly end up making $500 from your blog. 

You can use Google AdSense and to get ads on your blog. You may use other advertising networks for serving ads on your blog. 

#5 Provide consulting to companies

You write on your blog whatever you love to write and talk about. In my case, I would love to write about digital marketing & blogging. Similarly, you can write about anything; it can be writing about health; it’s a pretty broad topic. 

You have to niche down. Then you can write about it on your blog. 

By writing on a single subject, you hold a very good command of that subject. Once you have deep knowledge about any subject, you can position yourself as an expert and provide consulting to companies. 

There are so many companies that want to consult an expert to solve their particular problems. Companies are willing to pay for your advice only. 

Case Study: How to Bring $500 Per Month from A New Blog?

In order to make $500, all you need is 10 sales of 50 dollars each.

You need to take an affiliate product in which you get $50 commission if someone buys that product from your affiliate link. 

Case Study: How to Bring $500 Per Month from A New Blog?

You need to find potential customers of that product who are looking to buy that product, and you just need to recommend that product if they buy from your affiliate link, you are going to earn $50 on each sale. 

If you can bring 10 sales per month, you could effortlessly make 500 dollars every single month! 

Here is another example, let’s suppose you are promoting a $50 product, and your commission is $25 product then all you need is 20 people to buy that product from you.

This is how the calculation works, and if you implement this calculation in the real world, you can easily make $500 per month or more it’s all up to you how you execute your learning. 

And I have already discussed the things you need in order to make money from a new blog. 

Here’s a brief summary of the things you require to make money from any blog. 

Quality traffic, quality content and quality product (the product can be yours or other people’s too).

You are required to create content around the affiliate product you want to promote. Then drive traffic on that content, and don’t forget to leave your working affiliate link in the content that you create. 

Wasn’t that easy? It’s easier for me if you love what you do. Then you’ll never feel like you are working. 

That’s the power of having a passion & love for your work! 

Are You Ready to Put T.E.M.P?

Fair warning: Blogging is not for everyone. You pursue blogging only if you can put T.E.M.P. 

If you are working with limited resources, then you require to put in Time, Energy, Money and Patience. 

Blogging is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Therefore, I created the T.E.M.P formula for Blogging. 

As I already have mentioned that “TEMP” stands for time, energy, money and patience.

When you are starting a blog, you have to put TEMP at one GO. On top of that, you have to put TEMP consistently. 

Content creation, monetization, SEO and promotion all these things take a hell lot of time. In order to drive traffic consistently, you need to do SEO. Getting a consistent amount of traffic from SEO takes 3-6 months at least. 

Blogging is not a “get-quick scheme” like other businesses; treat blogging as a business.

If you want to make a decent amount of money every single month, you need to give at least 3-6 months or more.

Blogging can replace your day job if you work consistently for 3-6 months on your blog. 

Final Words 

So far, it’s been a pretty interesting journey. I have revealed some of my strategies for how I made money from a new blog in a very short span of time. 

I revealed the secret to making money: you don’t need search traffic to make money. You just need traffic it can be from social media, email lists or any other platform. You just need targeted traffic to make money. 

On top of that, you need good content and a great product. If you don’t have any product, you can simply become an affiliate of any product in any niche. 

You get paid by the promotion of affiliate products. The beauty of an affiliate business is you don’t need to create the product, handle customer support & manage the inventory of the product.

You just need to bring sales and get the commission. 

So that is how you can get started. I hope you liked this post. 

If you liked it, let me know what you think about it in the comments below. You can expect a reply from me.

Thank you so much for reading such long content.

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