A Step-by-Step Guide to Do Affiliate Marketing Without any Website

Are you looking for how to do affiliate marketing without a website? 

If yes then congratulations…

You’re on the right blog because in this post I am going to show you a step-by-step process on how you can do affiliate marketing without any website? 

One thing I can assure you after reading this post you don’t need to read any other blog posts because I’m going to cover everything regarding how you can do affiliate marketing without a website. 

Each and every detail and important steps I have covered in this guide so make sure you read the complete post.  

I will give you only working strategies that really works if you put those strategies into action.

I know before reading my post maybe you have already read a couple of blog articles on the internet but none of them is working, you know why because they’re not giving you the exact step-by-step strategy that is why those strategies are not working for you.

Most of the strategies are out-dated and still, you’re consuming old strategies that are no longer working. 

But don’t worry as I said, in this post, I will be covering every aspect on how to do affiliate marketing without any website? 

Create E-books

You might be thinking, Hey I’m not an expert nor I’m a writer how I can write an ebook? 

But here’s the catch if you don’t want to write then you can outsource this work you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr and you can complete your work. 

Basically, you will have to give the topic on which topic you want to create the e-book and you’ll need to provide outlines of your e-book so according to that outlines your writer can write an e-book for you. 

If you don’t want to outsource this work then here’s how you can write an e-book by yourself?

First, you have to create outlines, by keeping these outlines into your mind you can write a better e-book and fast. 

Let me give you an example. 

I chose the topic “How to Impress Girls” and now I’ve to create an outline for this topic. 

Here is what I would do: – 

I will write my thoughts in bullet points on, “How to Impress Girls” and after that, I will go on Google and I will search about on this topic and I will check what other bloggers have already written on this topic. 

So, I will get inspiration and do not copy anything because it’s not good for the creator and it’s not legal. So just take inspiration don’t copy. 

Now, I will add more bullet points on the list that I created earlier. 

Here’s the last step you need to complete in order to create your e-book outline and believe me after producing outlines your 50% work has already done. 

Go on Amazon and search your topic, in my case my topic is, “How to Impress Girls” and see the top results and go through all the top 10 e-books that are related to your niche. 

You just have to see their “Table of Contents” and on Amazon, almost every e-book you can see the “Table of Contents” at least. 

So once again you have to take inspiration and check the important elements that you’ve missed if every important point you have added in your outline then let’s move on to the next step. 

Now you have all the important points that you will add in your e-book. 

So, it’s time to organize your outline in the right order. Below you will see an example.

Chapter 1: How to Increase Your Confidence 

  • Talk to more people
  • Join group discussion 
  • Be clear about what you want to say
  • Learn as much as you can 

Chapter 2: How to Know Her 

  • Start spending time with her
  • Talk to her friends 

Chapter 3: How to behave while talking to a girl. 

  • Bullet point
  • Bullet point

Chapter 4: What things you should not do while talking to girls

  • Bullet point

Chapter 5: Don’t try to impress a girl

  • Bullet point

Chapter 6: How to start your talk 

  • Bullet point

Chapter 7: Get control over your nervousness

  • Bullet point

Chapter 8: Eyes contact matters  

  • Bullet point 


As I created this example for you, similarly, you can create your e-book outline. First, write down all the chapters then add bullet points in each chapter. 

By doing this simple exercise you can create your e-book easily. Now you just need to follow this outline and you’re able to write your e-book fast. 

After creating your e-book, you’ll need to create a cover for that e-book, once again you can do it by yourself but I would recommend you to outsource this work because cover matters the more attractive your cover will be, the more sales you will get. 

In any case, if you don’t want to outsource then you can use Canva it’s a freemium tool.

You can get your cover done from Fiverr as well. 

Do Affiliate Marketing Via YouTube

Do you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? 

So why you’re not leveraging the power of YouTube. 

YouTube is one of the best places to do affiliate marketing and the most interesting part of YouTube is you can generate leads, sales on autopilot mode.

 Yes, that’s true, you will have to do one-time work and benefits for a lifetime. 

Ranking your videos on YouTube is much easier than a blog or website. 

Here is the strategy to promote on YouTube: –

Make a video on a product that you are using and find affiliate link of that product and upload on YouTube and whenever someone purchases that product using your link, you’ll get a pre-decided commission on each sale. 

Things you should keep in mind before creating any video: –

  1. Find the product that people are looking for a review and before making any review-based video, make sure you outline your video content structure and then make a video on it.
  2. Try to create engaging videos so that you can get massive views. If you are able to engage viewers through your video then you can get massive traffic and views for free. That’s the key to getting maximum views and subscribers on YouTube and affiliate sales.
  3. Only review high-quality product don’t think about the only commissions, provide value first and solve the problem of your targeted customer then recommend a product and see how your sales would be skyrocketed. 
  4. You can find affiliate products from ClickBank, JvZoo, Amazon associates. You can join as an affiliate of open “Affiliate marketing programs” that are offering by individual companies such as Convert kit (email marketing software), Amazon associates and many other platforms you can find on the internet. 

Affiliate Marketing via Social Media

This is the easiest and effective way to do affiliate marketing but if you do in the right way then you will get commissions.

Most of the newbies don’t know how to do affiliate marketing via social media? 

And the results you know very well, they don’t get any results because they did not do in the right manner or strategically. 

Here are the reasons why most people fail in the game of affiliate marketing? 

They get their affiliate link and they start promoting on different social media channels and they don’t do any research which platform is most suitable for what kind of product and audience? 

They start promoting their affiliate link like a blind and then the results come zero, a big ZERO, by luck some people generate some sales but it is not sustainable. 

 You might be thinking, what should I do? That’s a smart question. 

Here’s what I would do if I am on your place: – 

First of all, I would choose a high-quality affiliate product (that people really want to buy).

Then I will find the problem how this product can solve my potential customer’s problem?

After that, I will do research about the users of the product on which social media platform they spend most of the time. 

According to the results of my research, I would work on creating content, what type of content people would like to consume regarding this “Xyz topic” and what is the pain problems people are facing right now in their life? 

Now, I will try to find out how this product can solve their problems and then I would place my affiliate link in the content that I created for that targeted audience and boom! 

I got my first affiliate commission and every time someone purchases that product from my affiliate link you will get a certain amount of commissions.  

This is how things work on social media. In order to promote your affiliate link, you will have to be creative and do your homework, create content and place your affiliate link. 

Your affiliate marketing success depends on what type of product you choose for a promotion. This will decide whether you will succeed in affiliate marketing or not. 

Promote Affiliate Products via E-mail

This one is the best way to promote your affiliate products and you can generate consistent income via Email marketing. 

I can say Email marketing is a money-printing machine you can generate tons of money by just promoting your affiliate product in a strategic manner, don’t sell always recommend the product. 

Action steps you need to take: – 

Step1: Create something FREE and valuable so that in exchange for FREE content you can get their email address this I called “Lead Magnet.”

Just think about it if you ask from anyone hey give me your email address why would someone give you their email address, even if someone asks from you, you would also deny therefore we need to create a FREE content which we call Lead Magnet. 

Step:2 Create a landing page from where you can collect leads. You have to drive traffic on your landing page and if someone wants to get your free stuff, they will have to give their email address and now they have become your email subscribers.  

Now you can give value and along with you can recommend high-quality affiliate product. 

You can use any Free automation software such as MailChimp, MailerLite and MooSend etc.  

There are tons of free email marketing software’s are available on the internet. 

Step3: Start driving traffic & build your email list and start promoting your product. Make sure you build a good relationship with your subscribers then try to pitch any product.

If you don’t follow this method people will not by from you.  

Affiliate Marketing via Writing Forms

Yes, you read right you can do affiliate marketing via different writing forms such as Quora, Reddit and Medium. 

You won’t believe I made my first commission by using writing forms. You can also leverage the power of writing forms and you are good to go. 

You just have to pick commercial questions and answer those questions along with answers you can embed your affiliate link. 

Things you should consider before you start promoting in writing forms: – 

First, provide value and write your first 3 answers without putting your affiliate link or any kind of links and then wait for 1 week at least then write another answer, now you can put your affiliate link in that answer and just post it. 

Try to give value first then recommend any high-quality affiliate product. 

Note: After putting any kind of link in Quora answers never ever edit that answer after published otherwise Quora will delete your answer no matter you used any kind of affiliate link or not.

So, keep this thing in your mind and promote your affiliate products.  

Bonus tips: –

In order to join any affiliate network, you must have a website. So, what you can do is go on Blogger.com and create your blog free of cost and write some articles and drive traffic on that blog via social media.

In my opinion, publish at least 10 posts then apply for joining any affiliate network and definitely, you’ll get approval. 

When I started this is how I joined the affiliate network. I just had a blog on Blogger.com and one custom domain name that’s all I had.  


Till now I have shown you so many different ways to do affiliate marketing without any website. 

By using the above methods, you can do affiliate marketing, but in my opinion, you must have a website in order to generate sustainable income from affiliate marketing. 

But if you are just starting you can use these methods to generate income from affiliate marketing and these are the proven ways to generate income from affiliate marketing.

There are so many ways to start affiliate marketing, but in my opinion, these are the best methods for beginners, therefore I shared with you. 

I am pretty sure you will like this post if you like it then help your friends & colleagues by sharing this post so that they can get benefits from this article.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

I would be more than happy to answer your queries. 

See you in the next post, bye!

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