What I learned from 1st Class of Digital Marketing Internship via DigitalDeepak?

Today I am going to talk about what are the things I learned from my first Digital Deepak internship class? 

If you want to be a digital marketer, I highly recommend you to read this post because in this post I will be sharing some insider secrets that my Mentor Deepak Kanakaraju is using in their business.

Quick note: If you want to know who is Deepak Kanakaraju & what he writes on his blog you can visit this page.

According to my Mentor Deepak Kanakaraju, he’s the founder of DigitalDeepak.com and he says that digital marketing is all about learning and implementing.

I see many people who want to learn digital marketing but they are stuck at only learning.

They learn things but don’t implement them. You can learn digital marketing by doing only.

Any skill you want to master you have to practice that skill time & again, that’s how you can learn anything in your life whether it is digital marketing, blogging, social media marketing and whatever skill you want to learn; you’ll be able to learn if you follow below formula: –

Learn. Do. Teach 

That’s the formula my Mentor uses for growing their business and I follow only those people who walk the talk. 

Now, it’s my time to follow this formula. 

This is the formula you can use in your life for building a long-term sustainable business.    

Importance of Goal Setting

The very first thing I learned in my digital marketing internship is about GOAL setting.

Before you start doing anything in your life you have to set goals & write down your goals on a piece of paper (by writing your goals your chances are increased to achieving that goal).

Whatever you want to achieve just note down that goal and work on a daily basis for achieving your goal.

I also made a goal from this “Digital marketing internship.” I want to earn at least Rs 20,000/month as a freelancer after completing this internship.

Goal setting is really important for everyone if you want to do something remarkable in your life or your business life.

You have to set goals because without goals you cannot achieve anything in your life; I know it sounds bad but that’s the brutal truth of life.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”– Tony Robbins

How to Find the Gold? 

In this phase, I learned about how to find the niche in which you’re interested and you can make a decent amount of money as well. 

Deepak Kanakaraju gave me a small formula that you can use for finding a perfect niche.

Passion + Talent + Market opportunity = Niche Domination

Make sure whatever NICHE you pick up matches with the above criteria.

There’s a famous proverb, “Riches in Niches.” 

In digital marketing, the NICHE is everything I can say that “Niche research” is the first step that you would take if you really want to make a career in digital marketing.  

Mainly there are three types of niches on this planet: – 

1) Health

2) Wealth

3) Relationship 

Whatever niche you pick it comes in one of the three universal niches.

For example, if you’re a digital marketer you provide services for small business & companies. This niche comes in the Wealth category.

Similarly, if you’re a doctor then your service comes in the Health category.

In these three niches, you can find many broad niches and from that niches, you can find a small segment of the big niche for your business.

Narrowing down your niche is really necessary because if you try to compete in the broad niche you can’t survive because in that niche there are already big companies available & dominating that niche.

If you narrow down any one niche the structure looks like this: – 

You have to find a small sub-niche from those three big niches in order to be successful in digital marketing.

Make sure while you narrow down your niche there should be enough people that can buy from you and you can grow your business as well.

By using the above strategies you’ll be able to find a perfect niche for yourself. 

A niche there you can help other people’s, grow yourself & your business and establish yourself as an authority. 

“Niche research is the foundation of your digital marketing journey.” – Rajneesh Singh

Global Economics

In this phase, I learned a little bit about “Global economics” if you want to be a better digital marketer you & I must know about Global economics at least basics of economics everyone should know. 

As you know global economic plays an important role in everybody’s life and without the knowledge of economics you & I can’t become a better marketer. 

I learned about how debt boosts the economy and I also learned that when the economy goes down.

See, the economy goes down when the average age of any country goes up above 50, household spending goes down. 

Deflation of money supply happens when people start repaying debt.

Right now, the average age of India is around 25 to 28 and when it goes up to 50 then it becomes hard to boost the economy.

That is just a quick introduction about economics, I won’t go deep in economics. If you really want to go deep in Economics, my Mentor recommended some books that you can read.

1. Currency wars

2. Economics 101 

Learn Communication Skills

As a marketer, you & I need to develop solid communication skills so that you & I can share our thoughts & ideas with other people. 

Here are some tips for mastering the art of communication: – 

1. Read a lot – The simplest way to improve your communication skills by reading books, blog posts, magazines & newspapers. 

Just read these things on those topics that you’re passionate about, that you love to do and you want to listen. 

2. Write – Writing is a skill that you can master by writing only. Write at least 500 words every single day because when you write your thoughts, your thoughts become more stable & you can speak better.

3. Listen Podcast – In order to improve your communication skills, you must listen as well. You can listen to Smart Passive Income (my favourite) podcast (this is for digital marketers) and Naval podcast.

There are so many topics on which you can listen podcasts and one of the best ways to listen podcast is to find podcasts on that topic that you like to listen. 

In my case, I love to listen podcast on how to grow online business topics, self-improvement and marketing. 

You can watch native English speakers’ videos as well. I like this method because I improved my 80% of English-speaking skills by watching the native English speakers’ videos.

These are the three ways that you can use to improve your communication skills.

Extra tip: In order to improve your communication skills, you should be able to observe things as well: How this or that person is speaking, what type of words he or she is using for making their communication skills effective?

Observing skill is one of the most important skills that you can develop in your life. 

If you have a strong observing skill then you can master anything because when you observe what is happening around us then you can become more alert and it increases the power of learning things. 

I highly recommend you to improve your observing skills in order to acquire any new skill or improving your existing skills.

What’s the Future of Digital Marketing?

If you’re thinking that you will invest so much time in learning a new skill and if those skills are in no more in demand then what will happen? 

I want to mention some points here: –

  • Digital marketing will not die because marketing will not die
  • The needs of people keep going, then the market opportunities keep coming
  • Peoples are moving toward digital, at present time & future, there will be a tremendous amount of opportunities available for you
  • Technology + Marketing = Digital Marketing

According to my Mentor, digital marketing is simply a better way to do marketing. 

How Integrated Digital Marketing Works? 

In this phase, I learned about “Integrated digital marketing” that my mentor is using in their business and he explained what is integrated digital marketing & how it works?

What is Integrated Digital Marketing? 

Integrated digital marketing is a framework that anyone can follow in order to grow their digital business or online business. 

In Integrated digital marketing you use all the marketing channels for growing your business, these channels are interconnected with one another that’s the beauty of Integrated digital marketing.

How Integrated Digital Marketing Works? 

As I said in integrated digital marketing every channel is interconnected with one another.

Integrated digital marketing structure looks like this: – 

In this integrated digital marketing framework, you have to use every channel so that you can grow your business much faster. 

It seems complex but it’s not, once you learn integrated digital marketing and implement then it becomes easy. 

In this integrated digital marketing framework “Content” is in the centre because without content integrated digital marketing won’t work.

In this framework, content is like a soul. Everything starts from content.

Many of you don’t get sales via paid ads because you try to send people toward sale directly but it doesn’t work.

Without educating people about your business and why they should invest in your training, courses and e-books you can’t make any sale.

If you take a closer look at Integrated digital marketing framework you can find that you are using every channel.

For example, you can see that from paid advertising it’s sending people toward email and once you have your prospects email ID and name then you can reach out to them and educate about your product and service and you can convert that prospects into your paying customers. 

Another thing you can see is that paid advertising sending traffic towards content and after going through content people are converting into sales or paying customers.

Similarly, you give quality content to search engine and search engine will give you free organic traffic, this is the exact thing happening with social media, you’re giving content and you’re driving traffic from social media. 

In the end, everything is ending at sales because without sales this whole Integrated digital marketing won’t work because you & I need money in order to run our business and paying business expenses.

Without sales, you can’t run any business. It is important to convert your prospects into paying customers. 

I’m pretty sure you’ve got a clear picture of what is Integrated digital marketing?

You can read this post as well. It has been written by my Mentor on Integrated digital marketing 2.O. 

Why is Personal Branding Important? 

Personal branding is important for a digital marketer because first, you have to build trust then you will be able to convert your prospects into paying customers and for building trust, you need personal branding. 

Personal branding gives you a feeling that you are talking to a real person, not a giant brand and that’s the beauty of personal branding.

Personal branding is one of the most important assets that you can build over time in your online journey because it takes time to build any personal brand. 

“Start building your personal brand from today.” – Rajneesh Singh 

What is Funnel? 

Funnel is a series of actions that your prospect takes whenever any potential prospect comes in your funnel. 

Funnelling down your prospects are really important because, in the end, you have to convert them into paying customers. 

So that you can produce more content, you can invest your time, money and energy in producing quality content for attracting more prospects. 

You can watch this video by Digital Kanakaraju about Digital Strategy for DigitalDeepak. 

If you want to build a business that can consistently generate profits then you should use funnels in your business. 

Let’s suppose you have 1 million people on your top of the funnel and at the end of the funnel, you’ll have 10,000 paying customers, if you just convert 1% only.

I created this video if you want to watch you can

The Bottom Line

In this post, I have shared so many working strategies and latest strategies that you can use in 2020 for growing your own digital business.

You know what, what is the most interesting part of digital business is that you can easily move this business and you can make changes within one night. 

And the online business you can do from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection that’s the two things you need. 

Apart from these two things you need to have strong digital marketing skills or I would say you need marketing skills. 

If you want to learn from Digital Deepak then you can follow him on their blog and social media or you can become their email subscriber as well, again it depends on you whether you want to learn something or not, I can just recommend you the path.

In the end, I would say Deepak Kanakaraju is doing unbelievable work. Nobody is doing that kind of work like Deepak Kanakaraju is doing in his business and creating such amazing internship program.

I don’t have enough words to explain this but in the end, I would say only one thing “take action every single day.”  

“Learnings give you vision, actions give you results.” – Rajneesh Singh

You have to walk on that path by yourself.          

Comment below if you have any questions or doubts about this post, I would be more than happy to answer your questions. 

See you, bye, have fun! 

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