Nobody Is Reading Your Content Because Of This…

Are you frustrated that you’re putting too much time & effort in content creation but nobody is reading your content?

I know the pain when you put so much effort and energy but not a single person reads your content or comments on your content? 

There can be many reasons why nobody reads your content such as your content is not relevant for them, your content is not solving major issues of their audience or your content does not resonate with your prospect’s interest.  

Fact: The average attention of people is less than a Goldfish.

Goldfish average attenion span is 9 seconds.

But today, I am going to talk about the #No.1 reason why most “Content creator” fails when it comes to creating engaging content. 

The first place your content fails because of “Title” before anyone dive into your content first they will read your content headline.  

If your content headline is not compelling enough then no matter how much your content is good nobody gonna read your content. 

So make your content headline captivating.  

Maybe your content headline is captivating but your content is not engaging, people won’t read your content till the end….

Now, if I ask you a question? 

What makes content engaging?   

Well, the answer is simple: just talk about that topic on which your potential readers might be interested. 

It will instantly make your content engaging. 

Now, you might have a question: how do I get to know about, on which topic my potential readers read or what are the likes & dislikes my potential readers have? 

Good question.  

Well, it is so easy. 

In order to find your potential audience or readers interest, you need to conduct a simple survey. 

Don’t worry I will guide you through the step-by-step process how you can conduct a survey in less than 15 minutes? 

After conducting the survey, you need to create a “Customer Avatar.” By creating a customer avatar you’ll get to know about your prospects likes & dislikes and other important data. 

Before I talk about “Customer Avatar,” I would like to talk about The Golden Triangle.

If you are not interested in “The Golden Triangle” you can skip this part. You can directly learn about Customer Avatar. 🙂

So let’s get started… 

The Golden Triangle 

Learn > Do > Teach 

This is the thing that I talked about in my first article of DigitalDeepak Internship First Class. 

In that post, I’d not gone in-depth of “Learn > Do > Teach” concept. 

Now, I am going to tell the “Learn>Do>Teach” concept & I’ll share my experience of how this concept helped me to write better. 

Note: You can apply “The Golden Triangle” concept in any field, for example, I used this concept for improving my writing skills. You can use for anything that you want to Master or Learn.   

One more thing after putting this formula into action it is increased my learning power & it also increased the retaining power of my Mind. 

I practice this formula on everything that I learn. 

Learn > Do > Teach 

Learn – When you consume any piece of content, it can be in any form such as text articles, videos, podcasts and images. Generally, we can consume content in these forms only. 

What happens is when you just consume any new piece of information or content then you don’t understand the whole information properly. 

Let’s suppose I am consuming content on “How to take better photographs?” When I consume any content first time, I only understand 50% or even less. 

And when someone says to me, okay! Now you’ve learnt this concept, explain.

But at this point, I haven’t understood the whole concept of photography. And maybe I am not able to explain other people completely what I have understood.

So from this step, our next step comes which is DO. 

Do – In this phase, you need to execute what you learned in the first step. I gave you an example of photography. 

Whatever I learned on “How to take better photos”? I’ll go ahead and try to use that information. Maybe I’ll go outside and try to take some photos. 

When you try to do anything practically then you understand properly whatever you are trying to learn. 

Teach – In this step, you’ll go ahead & teach someone what you’ve learnt.

And when you teach someone then you’ve to recall the information & you also learn concepts when you’re teaching to other people.  I can say this is the best way to learn.

Maybe in the first time, you are not able to explain properly what you learned but when you teach the second time then you can explain better to make other people understand the concept that you’ve already learned. 

There’s a famous quote by Albert Einstein – “If you can‘t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” 

There’s one more thing I want to tell you is about communication. I can assure you that this skill is one of the most profitable & valuable skills that you can develop in your life. 

No matter in which field you are in, communication skill is required everywhere.

Pay Attention to This     

As a marketer, you & I need to communicate with our audience on a daily basis.

In order to communicate with our prospects better; you need to develop communication skills.

Authenticity is important if you want to become a better communicator. 

I know some people would not like you due to your authenticity but there are always plenty of people who would like you for your authenticity.

Communication skill is one of the most important skill, a marketer can develop, this is a learnable skill anyone can learn and master it. 

Let’s talk about Customer Avatar.

Why Do You Need to Create Customer Avatar?

Well, the answer is simple before you craft any piece of content or marketing message you need to understand who will read your content or marketing message?  

In order to understand your audience, you need to have your “Customer Avatar.”

What is Customer Avatar?  

Customer Avatar is basically the data you collect from your prospects that you think that he or she would be my potential customers. 

The survey you’ll do is based upon these two things: 

  1. Demographics 
  2. Psychographics 

Demographics – Market segmentation based on age, gender, location, ethnicity, education, family size and household income. Demographics help marketers to find who’s their potential buyers? 

Psychographics – Psychographics are based on consumers characteristic, goals, desire, habits, life values, interest and lifestyle choices. In one sentence psychographics is all about the understanding of consumer’s emotion and values. 

“Humans make decisions based on emotions.”- Rajneesh Singh  

Process of Creating Customer Avatar

You’ll ask some questions from your prospects and based on that data you will create your “Customer Avatar.”

You just need to think about one person that can be your perfect customer. 

By creating Customer Avatar, you can understand your audience better. And when you create content for them it will resonate with your potential reader’s interest. 

For creating “Customer Avatar” you’ll need to do a simple survey as I said earlier. 

You can ask some sort of questions from your potential customers and if they answer those questions, you’ll be able to create your Customer Avatar.

That’s how you can do a simple survey. 

You don’t need thousands of people for conducting the survey. If you are just able to convince 10 or 20 people for the survey it is more than enough for creating User persona or Customer Avatar. 

How I created My Customer Avatar?  

I did a survey and collected some data about my audience and now from that data, I will create my own Customer Avatar. 

My customer avatar details: – 

Customer Avatar

Personal Information

Name: Naman

Gender: Male 

Age: 24

Marital Status: Single

Location: Delhi NCR, India

Education Level: Post-graduation 

Interests: Want to become a Digital Marketer 

Income level: 1.5 lacs rupees per annum 

What Gadgets he uses: Android smartphone and Windows PC/Desktop   

Likes & Dislikes: He likes travelling and playing cricket, he does not like when someone disrespects & tells a lie.     

Fear/problems: He’s not financially secure and he wants to secure himself and their family. So, in this case, he wants to learn digital marketing and want to start their own digital marketing agency.

As you can see that’s the Customer Avatar, I created by doing a simple survey. 

The whole importance of doing the survey is to find who’s your potential customer and what are the pains & fears they are facing right now? 

The data I collected I gave it a name and now whenever I am going to create content, I will consider this “Customer Avatar” information.

Now I’ll be able to create that kind of content that Naman wants. Naman represents my potential customers. Naman is one of my potential customers.

The Bottom Line

Creating a Customer Avatar is easy when you know what kind of questions you want to ask from your potential buyers. 

Once you have prepared all the questions now you need to ask from your potential customers to fill the survey form.  

Then you just need to extract the data that you collected via survey and create a single person which might be your customer. 

Like I gave a name of my potential customer which is Naman. 

You can use Google forms for doing surveys there are many tools but it’s easy to use & FREE. 

Thank you!   

You May Watch This Video On Customer Avatar for Better Understanding

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