Digital Deepak Internship Program Review + Career Update

Dear reader,

If you are looking to join the Digital Deepak internship program, then you must read this guide. 

See, everything has its pros and cons. Isn’t it? 

In this guide, you will get to know about the following things: 

  1. How was my experience with Digital Deepak Internship?
  2. What is the structure of the internship? 
  3. What are the things you’ll learn in this program? 
  4. Who should join this internship and who shouldn’t? 
  5. And the fee of the internship. 

Let’s get started. 


Digital Deepak Internship Program has been closed. They are not accepting new participants. Hopefully, Deepak sir will open the program again. Still, if you want to know about my experience with the Digital Deepak internship program, you can read this guide!

Career Update

After completing my internship in 2020, I did some freelancing gigs and then joined a startup to handle their marketing department. My key role is to bring sales through digital marketing channels like Facebook ads, emails, and more. I joined that startup in July 2020, and I am still working with them.

Since then, I have learned a lot. From struggling to making money online and now making lakhs of rupees. Things have changed. The Digital marketing career allowed me to support my family, and I am doing what I love. I can work from anywhere.

Recently I got Macbook Air M1. I was hesitant to share this, but who knows, it might motivate you to take a leap of faith and build your career in digital marketing.

You’ll get everything you want if you stay consistent and do the necessary work. The things that were difficult for me in 2020 now effortless for me.

Nowadays, I am focusing on my blog. I have started working on my YouTube channel too.

It’s not about which courses or programs you join. It’s about the work you do. You can learn things from YouTube and Google. If you implement, you’ll get results. “Do the Work,” and your work will give you everything you want.

My experience with Digital Deepak Internship 

I was a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 2, and in this program, I learned many things from basic to advanced level stuff of Digital Marketing. 

My experience with DigitalDeepak Internship

My experience with DD Internship was very positive. However, I’d like to mention some of the things which I didn’t like. 

See, I had experience in Digital Marketing so completing this internship was a piece of cake for me. 

However, at some point, I felt I couldn’t complete the assignment on time. It wasn’t because there was a lack of time, it is because I took extra time to do irrelevant stuff. 

Pro tip: If you want to complete each and every assignment on time, just follow what Deepak Kanakaraju says, especially if you’re a complete newbie in Digital Marketing. 

Do you want to know where I felt I couldn’t complete the assignment? 

It was an assignment for running Google & Facebook ads. However, I completed the assignment at the old deadline. 

Here’s the whole story. 

A lot of people were asking a deadline extension for assignment number six because fellow interns were also facing some difficulty in completing assignment number six. 

What happened with me in assignment number six I had to run Google ads and Facebook ads. 

Running a Facebook ad was easier for me because I had some experience in how to run Facebook ads. 

On the other hand, I never touched Google ads, and my first two Google ads campaigns didn’t run. 

Because in Google ads, your landing page should be detailed and relevant to the ad you want to run. 

In the first attempt, unfortunately, I picked up a keyword that had too much competition. It was really hard to compete/run ads on that keyword, then I decided to try in a different niche. It also failed. 

Then the third time, I ran Google ads for Digital Deepak Internship Program, and my ads started running, and I submitted the assignment by the old deadline. 

Sometimes things don’t go as we expect. You should try it in a smart way. Eventually, things will start falling into place. 

Now coming back to the topic, by and large, my experience with Digital Internship was very positive. 

A brief overview of what are the challenges other interns face. Since I am from a Digital marketing background, most of the assignments were easy for me. 

On the other hand, a large number of interns were from a non-digital marketing background. 

And they were facing difficulty in completing assignments. 

However, all assignments were pretty simple, and I know whenever we try to do something new, it’s a little bit challenging for us. 

And that’s the whole point of doing a Digital Deepak Internship. 

The Internship is designed in such a way that you gotta take action. Generally, what we do is we take a course, and we watch it, then don’t take any action. In the end, we don’t get results. 

If you use a bit of common sense and beware of what other interns are doing, you can complete all assignments effortlessly. 

You can ask for help from your fellow interns. That’s the best thing I liked about you will put in a Facebook group where you can ask all your doubts regarding assignments. 

After every live webinar, there’s a Q&A session that happens for those who have doubts regarding the particular assignment. That’s the one thing I like about Digital Deepak Internship. 

And I published an article on my blog about what I learned from the first internship class of DigitalDeepak. You can read that. 

What you’ll learn in this Digital Deepak Internship Program

The structure is pretty simple yet powerful because it motivates people to take action. 

Internship Program Lessons

After 2-3 batches, they don’t conduct LIVE classes. Instead, they provide you high-quality video training. Which you can watch anytime, and they conduct weekly Q&A classes. There you can clear your doubts!

You get 12 in-depth and high-quality video lessons:

  • Week 1: Success Mindset
  • Week 2: The Law of Marketing
  • Week 3: Discovering your Profitable Niche
  • Week 4: Creating Your WordPress Blog
  • Week 5: Become the King of Content
  • Week 6: Social Media & Networking Mastery
  • Week 7: Lead Generation and Email Marketing
  • Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads
  • Week 9: Mastering Google Ads
  • Week 10: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation
  • Week 12: The Natural Sales Method

When I joined, there were 7 live webinars you’ll get to attend once you join the Internship Program. 

In the first session, you’ll learn marketing basics. You will learn about funnels, the basics of economics, market research, and other general principles of business. 

The session duration will be around 90 minutes long. Above I just gave you a brief idea of what are the things you will receive from the session first. 

There are so many things you can learn in a single session, and most importantly, you’ll get to know about the mindset you need to have to start your digital marketing career. 

I feel that having the right mindset is the keystone of your success. 

In the second session, you’ll get to know about the importance of a customer avatar and how to create a customer avatar for your business?  You’ll learn how to do surveys. Each session will be around 90 minutes or more. 

In session third, this is my favorite subject. You’ll learn about the Copywriting & Sales page. You’ll learn how to create a sales page for your target customer. What’s copywriting and seven principles of influence. 

In session fourth, you will learn how to build a self-hosted WordPress website. And in my opinion, having a website is like having your own property on the internet. You’ll learn each & everything about how to set up your self-hosted WordPress blog from scratch. 

In session fifth, you will learn about lead generation & automation. You would learn how to use automation tools such as Zapier. You’ll learn how to create marketing automation via email & phone. 

In session sixth, you will learn how to run Google ads & Facebook ads. You will learn how to run different kinds of ad campaigns, such as traffic campaigns, brand awareness, and lead generation ads. 

In session seventh, you’ll learn about advanced digital marketing, such as integrated digital marketing, split testing, and conversion rate optimization.  

However, in batch two, session seven was about creating your first digital/info product and bringing at least one sale. That was our assignment number seven in batch 2. 

I’d say creating your first info product can be a game-changer for you in digital marketing. Because in online business, you can make the most profit by selling your own products. 

For some of my fellow interns, this assignment wasn’t easier. However, that’s why you joined the Internship, where you can learn, implement, and grow. 

Who should join this internship? 

If you are a working professional and want to switch your career, then this internship is exclusively for you. 

Who should Join this Internship Program

Let me tell you, there are many working professionals who joined this internship, such as,

  • Civil Engineers,
  • Small business owners,
  • Software engineers
  • Housewives
  • Students  

Student: You learn a new skill in Digital Marketing, and getting a job in Digital marketing is huge. And digital marketing is considered one of the most in-demand skills. Digital is the hottest career; if you learn 2-3 skills and become really good at it, you can earn a decent amount every month. 🙂

Business owners: Having more customers is the most important thing in any business. And you can acquire more customers by using Digital Marketing strategies. 

Professionals: As I said you want to switch your career, then Digital Marketing is the best option for you. And Digital Marketing can help you to land a high-paying job too. 

Entrepreneurs: The best way to increase your customer database and test your new product idea is to take your business online and use the latest digital marketing strategies to grow your business exponentially. 

Digital Marketing gives you an opportunity to learn, work and make profits. And in the shortest period of time, you can literally change your career and be the master of your own life. 

If you want to make your career in Digital Marketing, you just need to have Passion. 

That’s it. 

Else everything can be figured out. 

But if you don’t have passion, then I’d not recommend you to come & learn digital Marketing if you come in digital marketing for a shake of money. Then it’s not going to work for you.

Of course, everyone needs money however, initially, you have to put lots of effort into learning, implementing, and growing your online business. 

If you can cross that phase, I promise you, you’ll become a successful digital marketer. 

Who Should Not Join this Program?

If you don’t have a Passion for digital marketing, then it’s not for you. 

If you’re looking for instant income without putting any effort then please don’t join this Program. 

And if you’re already making tons of money through digital marketing, then you don’t need to enroll in this Digital Marketing Internship Program. 

Fee of Internship

Actually, the fee depends on which batch you are about to join. I can’t reveal the exact fee amount because it might create confusion if you’re looking to join the future Internship Batch.

One thing I can reveal is that the fee will be around Rs. 15,000-20,000.

Note: The fee amount might change this is just to give you an idea.

Here’s the best part of this internship, you can earn back all the investment that you made by completing all assignments. 

Fee of Digital Deepak Internship

And let me tell you, the assignment completion rate is very high. In my batch 2, the first assignment completion rate was around 89% which is insane. 

You don’t need to worry about assignment completion. Nobody on this planet provides this kind of opportunity to learn, earn, and grow. 

In this program, you are getting an education almost FREE. If you are committed to earning back your money by completing all assignments, then there’s no cost for you to enroll in this Internship Program. 

So, I don’t think there’s any problem with enrolling in this program. Ultimately, you’re going to get back all the money that you invested in Digital Deepak Internship Program. 

And guess what? I am a student, and I didn’t have money to enroll in. So, I told my parents about this Digital Marketing Internship, and the program fee is Rs. xxxxx (sorry for hiding the fee amount), and I can earn back all the investment that will be made. 

Initially, I hesitated to ask for money to join the Digital Marketing Internship. When I told my parents that I could get back my money, my parents instantly gave me money to enroll in the program. 

It’s not Money that can stop you; it is your mindset that can stop you from doing anything. 

If a student can join this Internship Program, then why can’t you. If you’re a professional or business owner, then it’s easier for you to join this Program.   

You need to know this: Testimonials 

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should make this investment or not, then don’t take my word. 

You can see what my fellow interns are saying about the Program. 

I have shared everything about the Program and what are the benefits you’ll get from this Internship Program. 

Now, you are in a position to make a decision about whether this Internship is for you or not? 

I can show you the right path and what are the challenges you will encounter while walking on that path. The choice is yours!

Processing of joining Digital Deepak Internship Program

In the beginning, I said Digital Deepak Internship Program has been closed. Right now, they are not enrolling new participants!

If you are curious to know about the joining process, then stay with me.

  • You register for the launch webinar
  • In the webinar, you get all the details about the Internship Program
  • You deposit the fee
  • And you’re enrolled

In a single batch, they take around 500 participants. Once the batch is full, you can’t join Digital Deepak Internship Program. You’ll have to wait for the next batch.

That was the process of joining the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

When I joined the program, Deepak sir promised to give us a hard copy of The Edge of Sanity book and a welcome kit.

In the welcome kit, there was a pen, a key chain, a small diary, and a letter from Deepak sir.

I am not sure about future batches; they offered a welcome kit and book. Still, I am grateful that I took the decision to join the program. I am really happy!


I have done 7+ Paid courses, and I never saw this kind of opportunity where you can learn, earn, and grow your digital marketing expertise. 

The way this whole Digital Deepak Internship Program is structured will take you from a newbie to a pro-level digital marketer. 

As I have shared all the pros & cons of this Digital Deepak Internship program. 

Learn, earn, and turn yourself into a professional digital marketer. 

And I would say one of the best opportunities to get the basics done of Digital marketing. 

Because digital marketing is such a vast field, and you’ll be lost if you don’t have someone who has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. 

Rest depends on you; you’re the best judge. 


Rajneesh Singh

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  1. I m a student of pharmacy(doctor of pharmacy). I want to learn dis course bt confuse abt timing mnz how to manage my academics nd dis one

    • Right now, they provide most of the training via pre-recorded video lessons. Plus, they conduct weekly LIVE sessions to clear your doubts. Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Rajneesh,
    I read your content, It was very insightful.
    I am a self learning digital marketer,
    I have done a couple of course on digital marketing.
    I currently looking for internship, before that i wanted to know weather writing skill is important for a digital marketing??
    I a bit weak in writing skills

  3. How much a Student have to spend during the whole internship. If a student doesn’t have any website or doesn’t have adward account.
    Could you please tell how much a student have to spend??

    • First off, sorry for late reply.

      Coming to your question.

      You just have to spend a few hundred rupees on Facebook & Google ads.

      Plus, there will be a cost for hosting your website and domain name.

      You can keep a budget of Rs. 2,000 – 3,000 for spending during this internship!


  5. Can I join Digital Deepak Internship program using only a smartphone or do you recommend using a desktop/laptop. If so why? Please explain.

  6. Hi, thanks for the wonderful blog. I am an Entrepreneur and I have my own clothing brand online. At this moment, I need more techniques specifically to boost my sales. However, I am not interested in the initial few classes as it seem to be quite basic. In any chance does Digital Deepak offer a one-one consulting session that will be tailor made to boost my sales?

    • Yes, they give one on one sessions. You can find it on their website. Btw, can you share your store link? I might help you.

    • It’s a strategy. Our human mind tends to notice negative things first, so that’s the reason for negative title.

  7. Can you please tell me the exact cost which we have to incur while doing all these process.. I mean the cost web hosting, google and fb ads, cost of chat box and all.. I mean the total cost other than the joining fees..?

    • For Facebook and Google ads keep it around 2000 Rupees and web hosting cost and domain costs around 1500 if you just want to get started. If you buy good hosting it can easily cost around 5k to 10k but initially, you don’t need to spend much. Get started with basic things and earn money through freelancing and reinvest money into other things.

  8. what is the use for them if they return our fee back?.is this internship really true.can a newbie like me complete the assingnments on time?
    waiting for your reply

    • Yes, you can complete. Many times they extended the timeline to submit the assignments. It’s not like that they want to make money out of this program.

      You’ll have enough time to complete every assignment.

  9. I am too Intern Batch 8 student. DDIP curriculum is so well defined and is like each assignment is taking you further towards your goal. I will definitely recommend students and professionals who wish to learn digital marketing can join this digital marketing program by #digitaldeepak.

  10. Hi Rajneesh, I have a question what if i do not able to complete all assignments, I mean say suppose out of 10 if one completes only 6-7 will he or she still receive the certificate of completion of internship ? please confirm. Thanks

    • See, you can complete all the assignments. If you complete all the assignments in the given time you’ll get cashback, if you do not then you will not get cashback but still you can complete the assignment.

  11. I bought Optinchat as recommended by Deepak through his firm Pixeltrack. The chat bot is not working in my website and didn’t get any good after sales service from him or his team. Deepak never give any personal reply or support and I don’t recommend his Optinchat service to anyone.

    • Hi, I can agree that his Opt-in chat tool might not good. Here, I am talking about his educational program. I am using SilferBots and Clever Messenger for making chatbots. Btw, you can tag Deepak on Twitter he will reply there. Twitter ID: @highdeepak I hope your queries will be sorted out soon.

  12. Hi Rajneesh,
    your article gave a clear vision abt DD internship progrrame. Thanks and would like to know each session how much time requires to complete.

    • Time depends on. However, on average, each session can take 2-3 hours. Generally, assignment completion time is 1-week or more. It depends on the difficulty of each session.

  13. Is it possible to participate this program along with our work? I received email on webinar at 11.00 am. I couldn’t join as I had another meeting in my office

  14. Hii Rajneesh. Just went through your blog, I’m a little confused if i should go with internship from this october batch or not. I’m in my third year of graduation and i’m also working as manager to an instagram influencer and it’s a 11am-5pm job . I really wanna do this internship but just ambivalent about if i’ll be able to finsih the assigned tasks in the internship on time with my college classes going on and this job. Can you suggest me if it will be okay to wait till my semester exams to end and if i think of joining the batch in january 2021 or i should not wait till january and start it from. And do you have any idea about for how long Mr.Deepak will be providing these internships. I hope the internships will continue to be there next year as well right? And one last question – how much time all the tasks, assignments consumes in a day?
    Waiting for your response eagerly. THANKYOU!

    • You can join this internship after finishing your exams. There will be multiple batches coming, you can join it. At this time, the internship is 12 weeks long. As you complete the assignment s you will be paid. it depends on your skills & ability to learn things. When we start the assignments re pretty easy to complete. As we move forward it becomes little complex to complete the assignments. However, if you follow the guidelines and ask help in the community then it becomes easier to complete the assignment on time.

  15. Hey, is Digital Deepak and PixelTrack are one and same ????
    Because I just enrolled for batch 6(20k) via razorpay and there its showing payment done successfully to PixelTrack Digital Pvt Ltd…and when I googled it, that’s some different platform…
    I request you to update me on this if possible.

  16. Apart from the fee for the course, how do one intern need to spend for the completion. For example, cost for developing website, hosting, plugin, tools etc. It would be very helpful to have the information about these hidden cost, prior to enroll in the program. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, creating a blog on WordPress is easy. You can complete the whole process in less than 1,500 Rupees if you are just starting and want to test how things work exactly.

  17. For the assignments rewards, why do they ask for upi I’d for the creation of LMS id. Does sharing of upi I’d safe ?

    • They ask UPI because it’s easy and safe to process the payments. You can do a quick search on Google about UPI ID if you have any doubt about UPI ID sharing. Thanks!

  18. Reality is different, at starting you said truth don’t join and after you agree with Internship.

    Frist you decide start with negative impact then positive. I think you confuze.

    Please ask your soul regarding Internship.

    • See, I am not that kind of person who spreads negativity. I just shared my unbiased review. And please note that I mentioned other interns were facing difficulty in completing assignments. Yeah, I added a negative title because I want people’s attention on my blog. And I mentioned those things which I did not like if you read blog post carefully. Thanks! I know some fellow interns who are really disappointed with this internship. On the other hand majority of interns are happy. What’s your thoughts on this?

    • Mr.God Bless it is a crystal clear marketing technique of make using human tendency, because every one will be very much interested in knowing or understanding the negativity of this kind of promotions, so everyone or most of us would like to read any mischief had happened, that’s were the author used his intelligence by way of giving a negative heading and making every one to read it whole to find out the negative message but tried to impress and initiate to convert the real interested person into the webinar whereby he might be getting his affiliate commission.

      • I am not getting any commission if people join. Because it’s a refundable fee that you deposit for joining the program. Cheers,

  19. Hey buddy, thank you so much for thid article…
    It is in depth article about the program
    Great article


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