WebinarKit Pricing: Upsells (Add-ons) Explained

You’ll love the WebinarKit pricing. However, unlike other tools like EverWebinar and ClickFunnels, you must pay monthly charges to run automated (evergreen) webinars. 

But not anymore.

Because now, you have WebinarKit. Today, I’ll break down WebinarKit pricing and WebinarKit OTOs (Upsells). 

Let’s get started. 

🏷 WebinarKit Pricing

Birds-eye view of WebinarKit Pricing. In a moment, I will explain each upsell. Stay tuned! 

WebinarKit Pricing

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All WebinarKit Upsell Costs Explained

WebinarKit has been running its lifetime deal for more than 1 and a half years. WebinarKit is an affordable software that allows you to run automated webinars without paying recurring charges. 

WebinarKit costs $399 (A 1-time payment) or $43/month, or $129/year. If you grab the LTD, you won’t have to pay monthly forever. But, it will cost you upfront.

However, WebinarKit has multiple upsells or add-ons. You can grab them by paying a 1-time charge. 

Right now, WebinarKit has 3 upsells (including WebinarKit Live).

Out of all the upsells/add-ons WebinarKit Pro add-on you must grab because it will enhance the use of WebinarKit. 

Next, I’ve explained what you’ll get with each WebinarKit OTOs. I have bought all the upsells/add-ons of WebinarKit. So I can guide you on which WebinarKit OTOs you should grab. 

OTO #1 WebinarKit Pro ($199 one-time or $10/month)

To use WebinarKit effectively, you should get WebinarKit Pro.

WebinarKit Pro allows you to host WebinarFiles on WebinarKit servers.

Yes, you heard right—no need to host your webinar files on third-party software like Vimeo Plus, YouTube, etc.

Therefore, I immediately grabbed WebinarKit Pro upsell, which only cost a one-time payment of $199. 

Here’s what you get with WebinarKit Pro: 

  • Built-in video hosting (no need for external software)
  • Embeddable registration forms
  • Pre-made registration page templates
  • Create polls in automated webinars 
  • Automated handouts (this allows you to give free gifts which you had promised at the starting of the webinar) 
  • One-click reply pages
WebinarKit Pro

WebinarKit Pro costs $199 (one-time payment). 

Click here to grab WebinarKit Pro.

OTO #2 WebinarKit Agency ($197) 

WebinarkIt Agency is useful if you want to provide webinar service to clients. You can charge them a monthly recurring fee and give a WebinarKit sub-account. 

WebinarKit Agency sub-account is almost like the WebinarKit account. All the features are available in sub-accounts. 

You can even change the agency/sub-account role. There are three roles in an agency account, administrator, editor, and moderator. 

When you buy the WebinarKit agency, you can host 20 more active webinars than WebinarKit basic. In addition, it comes with unlimited bandwidth. 

Here’s what you’ll get with WebinarKit Agency: 

  • 25 WebinarKit sub-account (Cool!)
  • Unlimited auto webinars in agency accounts
  • Upgraded video hosting
  • Brandable webinar watch rooms 
  • One-click client report 

Bonuses for WebinarKit Agency users by WebinarKit

  1. WebinarKit Agency Accelerator with a $3.5M Agency Expert ($10,000 Value)
  2. Bi-weekly income growth coaching calls with our $3.5M Agency Expert 

WebinarKit agency comes with a lot of useful features. You can grab the WebinarKit agency.

Get the WebinarKit agency for $197 one-time charge. If you want to get additional 25 subaccounts, you can grab their bump offer on the checkout page.

WebinarKit Bump Offer on WebinarKit Agency!

OTO #3 WebinarKit Live (Multiple Pricing Plans)

WebinarKit Live Agency allows you to host live webinars like WebinarJam and Zoom. It has all the functions which you get in Zoom or WebinarJam. 

However, WebinarKit doesn’t have an application like Zoom, but its pages and webinar room are optimized for mobile devices and support almost every browser. 

WebinarKit Live Agency has 3 plans: 

  • Starter – $36.75/month 
  • Pro – 51.75/month 
  • Enterprise – $66.75/month

Here’s what you’ll get with WebinarKit LIVE: 

1. WebinarKit Live Starter plan 

  • 100 attendees per webinar
  • 1 presenter per webinar
  • Unlimited live webinars
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Screen/webcam sharing
  • Optimized for all devices
  • Powerful analytics
  • Easy presenter controls
  • Fully-fledged live chat
  • Engagement boosting offers
  • Polls & handouts
  • Webinar recordings
  • Built-in replay pages

2. WebinarKit Live Pro plan  

  • 500 attendees per webinar
  • Multiple presenters
  • Reset everything is the same in the Starter plan 

3. WebinarKit Live Enterprise plan  

  • 1000 attendees per webinar
  • Multiple presenters
  • Reset everything is the same in the Pro plan

In WebinarKit Live Pro and Enterprise plan, you get the option to add multiple presenters, and the number of attendees increases. 

When you buy an annual plan of WebinarKit Live, you’ll get an extra discount: 

1. WebinarKit Live Starter plan will cost $49/month 

  • $372 annually

2. WebinarKit Live Pro plan will cost $43.6/month 

  • $523 per year 

3. WebinarKit Live Enterprise plan will cost $56.08/month

  • $672 annually 

Right now, WebinarKit is giving an additional 10% OFF. If you want to conduct live webinars. Invest in WebinarKit Live. 

Checkout WebinarKit Live

Pricing might vary because WebinarKit keep on changing the prices. To get get the exact pricing, please visit WebinarKit website

👉 Frequently Asked Questions About WebinarKit 

Can you do live webinars with WebinarKit? 

WebinarKit is meant for running automated/evergreen webinars. Through WebinarKit Live you can do live webinars like Zoom or Go To Webinar. 

👉 How do I use WebinarKit? 

In just 5 simple steps, you can set up your first automated webinar.

Click here to know HOW.

👉 What is the Evergreen webinar?

Evergreen webinars are recordings of live webinars and anyone can attend them anytime, anytime. That’s why we call them evergreen webinars. 

There are several tools that help you run evergreen webinars like WebinarKit, EverWebinar, WebinarNinja etc. 

👉 What is WebinarKit Pro?

WebinarKit Pro is an OTO 2 of WebinarKit. You can buy WebinarKit pro when you have WebinarKit. With WebinarKit pro, you get in-built video hosting, polls, automatic handouts, embeddable registration forms, and other features.

WebinarKit lifetime deal

WebinarKit costs $399 (a 1-time payment) or $43/month or $129/year. There are other add-ons you can buy when you have WebinarKit. You get a lifetime deal on WebinarKit, WebinarKit Pro, and WebinarKit Agency. I wrote an article reviewing WebinarKit. You can read it here.

💰 WebinarKit Pricing – Conclusion

Today, I explained all the upsells (AKA add-ons) WebinarKit offers. In addition, I showed you WebinarKit Live Pricing. 

With WebinarKit live, you can do live webinars like Zoom and Go to Webinar.

If you jumped directly here. I want to reward you for that. 

WebinarKit has a total of 3 upsells (Including WebinarKit Live). Out of these 3 upsells, WebinarKit Pro is a must-have upsell. 


You get built-in video hosting, polls, handouts, and more. 

You can even buy all the upsells as it will cost you less than $348. The best part is that these are one-time payments—no monthly/yearly charges. 

Therefore, I ended up buying all the OTOs of WebinarKit. 

WebinarKit agency add-on is super useful. I wrote a detailed article reviewing WebinarKit. Read the WebinarKit review.

EverWebinar (WebinarKit alternative) costs $499 per year. WebinarKit offers a similar solution for a $129/year payment. If you want, you can grab WebinarKit automated monthly subscription that costs $43/month.

Affordable right? 

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Sign up for WebinarKit Pro (a must-have add-on)

Sign up for WebinarKit Agency

If you want to conduct live webinars like Zoom. Check out the WebinarKit Live

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. I’ll reply. 

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