Konnectzit vs. Pabbly Connect Comparison

Konnectzit & Pabbly Connect both are integration platforms. In this guide, I will compare both tool functions, pricing, user interface, support, and integrations.

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What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is an automation/integration platform that can connect two different applications without any code.

Pabbly Connect

For example, if you want to send data from Facebook lead ads to Google Sheets. With the help of Pabbly Connect, you can connect these two different applications without any coding.

Similarly, there are thousands of applications. Not every application has native integration with your favorite software. There’s where integration tools like Pabbly Connect & Konnectzit come.

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Currently, Pabbly Connect offers three plans:

Features are available in all the plans. The only number of tasks changes in each plan.

Pabbly Connect Monthly Pricing

1. Standard – $19 per month

In this plan, you’ll get:

  • 12,000 tasks per month
  • Unlimited Operations
  • Unlimited Internal Tasks
  • Instant Webhook
  • Iterator
  • Multi-Step Calls
  • Formatters
  • Delaying
  • Scheduling
  • Re-execute workflows
  • Email Parser
  • Filter
  • Unlimited Path Routers
  • Unlimited Premium Apps
  • Unlimited App Connections
  • Free Internal Tasks
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Enhanced Security
  • Folder Management
  • 1000+ App Integrations
  • Community (12K+ Members)

2. Pro – $39 per month

In this plan, you’ll get:

  • 24,000 tasks per month
  • Plus, all the features

3. Ultimate – $79 per month

In this plan, you’ll get:

  • 50,000 tasks per month
  • Plus, all the features

You get an extra discount if you commit to longer plans like 12 months, 24 months, or more.

Pabbly Connect plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So without any doubt, you can sign up for Pabbly Connect.

I love Pabbly Connect software. I use it for my business and clients’ business. So far, I have no issues.

Pabbly Connect LTD

Pabbly Connect has a lifetime deal running.

Pabbly Connect is offering three LTD plans:

Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal Pricing

1. Standard – $249 (one-time fee)

You’ll get:

  • Get 3000 Tasks Per Month
  • Unlimited Operations
  • 10 Workflows Two-Step Workflows

2. Pro – $499 (one-time fee)

You’ll get:

  • Get 6000 Tasks Per Month
  • Unlimited Operations
  • 20 Workflows Two-Step Workflows

3. Ultimate – $699 (one-time fee)

You’ll get:

  • Get 6000 Tasks Per Month
  • Unlimited Operations
  • Unlimited Workflows Two-Step Workflows
  • Unlimited multi-step workflows

Important things about Pabbly Connect LTD:

  • This deal is not stackable
  • 1-year support with LTD plans
  • Certain feature is missing in the Standard and Pro LTD plans

The following things are not available in the “Standard and Pro LTD” plans:

  • Delaying
  • Scheduling
  • Email Parser
  • Iterator
  • Filter
  • Unlimited Path
  • Routers Multi-Step
  • Workflows
  • Unlimited App Connections
  • 1 Year Support License
  • Bonuses worth $28,794
  • Community (12K+ Members)

A Lifetime deal on automation software is a no-brainer deal.

Pabbly Connect Pros and Cons

Despite some cons, Pabbly Connect is still the best. Day in and day out, I use Pabbly Connect for my clients and businesses.


  • Affordable monthly pricing plans
  • Free plan with 100 tasks per month
  • Features are not limited to higher plans
  • 1000+ integrations 
  • Active FB group
  • Free internal task 
  • Shareable workflows
  • 1000+ video tutorials on automation
  • Pabbly Connect is improving rapidly
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Create unlimited workflows in any plan
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back policy
  • Discounts on if you buy longer plans
  • You can create apps inside Pabbly Connect


  • Task history search can be improved
  • No LIVE chat support
  • Some integrations like Active Campaign can be tricky to integrate
  • Unused tasks won’t be carry forwarded
  • No automatic try for failed tasks

Pabbly Connect is the perfect alternative to Zapier.

What is Konnectzit?

Konnectzit is also an integration platform like Pabbly Connect and Zapier. Konnectzit is a new tool compared to Pabbly Connect.


Konnectzit can also connect two different applications without any code. You can automate mundane tasks like when someone fills up a form, send them a confirmation email or follow-up email.

The sky’s the limit on what kind of automation you want to create with these no-code automation/integration platforms.

Konnectzit Pricing

Konnectzit has three pricing plans:

KonnectZit Pricing

1. Pro – $12/month

This plan includes:

  • 10,000 tasks and operations total per month
  • Unlimited Workflows

2. Team – $15/month

In this plan, you get:

  • 15,000 tasks and operations total per month
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • 2 Team Members

3. Agency – $50/month

The agency plan includes:

  • 50,000 tasks and operations total per month
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • 5 Sub accounts

In every plan, the following functions are included:

  • Multi-Step
  • Parallel scenario execution
  • Folders
  • Webhooks
  • API Module
  • Formatters
  • Conditions

If you go with the annual plan, you get 20% off.

Konnectzit LTD

Konnectzit has a lifetime deal running.

KonnectZit LTD

Konnectzit Pro – $119 (one-time) payment

In this LTD plan, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited Konnectz
  • Multi-step workflows
  • 5-minute interval
  • Formatters Filters and conditions
  • Schedule and delay
  • Webhooks apps
  • Folders
  • 4000 tasks per month

Additional 4000/8000/10000 tasks and operations per month based on your existing plan.

This LTD is stackable.

Konnectzit LTD is available on Appsumo too.

There’s a price difference between KonnectZit LTD on Appsumo and their own website.

On Appsumo, you can get the same LTD at $129; on their website, the same LTD is available at $119.

All the features are the same in both lifetime deals.

Konnectzit Pros & Cons


  • Free plan with 100 tasks per month
  • Unlimited Konnectzit (workflows) in all the plans
  • Excellent onboarding process that shows all the functions
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • Easily search the task history
  • 6 supported languages
  • 800+ integrations
  • Email support


  • Sub-accounts available in the Agency account
  • Pro plan doesn’t have a Team member feature
  • No LIVE chat support
  • No free internal tasks

Konnectzit & Pabbly Connect Comparison

I will compare Konnectzit and Pabbly Connect based on the functions both tools offer.

FeaturesPabbly ConnectKonnectZit
Lifetime DealYesYes
Integrations1000+ apps800+ apps
SupportEmail supportEmail support
User interfaceIt has a better user interfaceCan be improved
Free internal taskYESNo
Monthly plan starts at$19/month$12/month
30-day money-back policyYESNO
FB groupYES (24k + members)Yes (4k+ members)
Discount on the yearly plan15% discount20% discount
Customer base15000+5000+
Free planYes (100 tasks/m)Yes (100 tasks/m)

Final Verdict on Konnectzit Vs. Pabbly Connect

I have shared everything about Konnectzit and Pabbly Connect. In my opinion, Pabbly Connect is better software than Konnectzit in terms of the number of app integrations, support, community, and tutorials on automation. Pabbly Connect wins here.

But it doesn’t mean Konnectzit can’t automate your boring tasks. However, Konnectzit needs a lot of improvement. They need to increase the number of app integrations and build an active community around automation.

If you can afford it, go with Pabbly Connect. By the way, both tools are on LTD.

Explore Pabbly Connect LTD!

Explore KonnectZit LTD on AppSumo!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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