eCoverly Review: I Didn’t Expect This

If you sell online courses, ebooks, or other digital products, you know how important professional-looking covers are.

But hiring designers is expensive. That’s why tools like eCoverly exist to help you create high-converting covers yourself.

But is eCoverly worth the investment?

I recently went hands-on with the software to find out.

In this detailed review, I’ll share my experiences using eCoverly and help you decide if it’s right for your business.

What is eCoverly?

eCoverly is cloud-based software that lets you quickly design mockups and covers for your digital products.


It helps make cover design easy for non-designers.

With eCoverly, you can create mockups like:

  • eBook covers
  • Box shots for software or apps
  • DVD and CD covers
  • Magazine and brochure layouts
  • Mobile app screenshots
  • Website screenshots and more

The key feature is the animated ecover templates.

These allow you to make your eBook cover come to life with moving elements.

This catches readers’ eyes more than a static flat cover.

Of course, you also get access to regular static templates to design standard covers.

All in all, eCoverly’s mockup generator aims to help you:

– Reduce costs on hiring designers

– Quickly create professional covers yourself

– Increase sales by making high-converting covers

– Stand out with animated mockups

An Overview of eCoverly’s Features

Now let’s take a more detailed look at what you can do inside eCoverly:

Animated Ecovers

The marquee feature is access to animated ecover templates.

eCoverly animated cover

These give life to your flat eBook covers with effects like:

  • Floating mockup against animated backgrounds
  • Books opening and pages flipping
  • Sparkles, confetti, and glints over the cover
  • Shadows to show depth

You get 40+ of these animated template styles. Each is fully customizable. You can change the cover design, colors, fonts, and more.

This is a great way to capture attention in a crowded Kindle marketplace.

Static Ecover Designs

In addition to animated covers, eCoverly provides 250+ static ecover templates. These range across topics like:

  • Education
  • Business
  • Health
  • Finance

The templates are professionally designed and look great. You can fully edit the covers to fit your brand, from colors to text and more.

This saves you time while creating polished eBook covers.

Mockups for Other Products

Beyond eBook covers, eCoverly lets you make other mockups like:

eCoverly Static Cover
  • DVD and CD cases
  • Software box shots
  • Magazine layouts
  • App store screenshots for mobile apps
  • Product boxes and packages
  • Laptop, phone, tablet, and TV mockups
  • Website screenshots on iMacs

This flexibility lets you create marketing assets for all your digital products.

Download Options

When your design is complete, you can download the mockups in these formats:

  • PNG with transparent background
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • TIFF

And in different sizes like:

  • Small (225×333 px)
  • Medium (450×666 px)
  • Large (750×1110 px)

You can also download mockups with or without drop shadows and reflections. This saves you from editing after downloading.

Sharing and Exporting

For team use, eCoverly lets you share mockup links with clients and coworkers right from the dashboard.

Plus, you can export the design files in PNG format.

Premade Templates

The software comes loaded with 100+ ready-made templates for various niches.

eCoverly pre-made templates

You can simply edit these to suit your needs instead of starting from scratch. More become available if you purchase the Pro plan.

Group and Bundle Mockups

To showcase a series of products together, eCoverly provides group and bundle mockup templates.

eCoverly Group Mockups

These allow you to neatly present:

  • A trilogy or book series
  • Multiple audiobooks
  • An app and its expansions
  • A software bundle/suite

And much more. This instantly makes your entire range look professional.

eCoverly Pros

Now that we’ve seen the features eCoverly offers, let’s look at some of the positives:

1) No monthly fee – You pay a reasonable one-time price for lifetime access. Ongoing costs to worry about.

2) Easy to use – The editor is beginner-friendly with a drag and drop interface. No design skills needed.

3) Great support – Fast and friendly customer support via email.

4) 100% web-based – Use it on any device through the web app. No downloads needed.

5) Animated ecovers – Make your covers stand out with 40+ animated styles. Drag and drop to apply.

6) Faster turnaround – Ready-made templates speed up high-quality cover creation for you or clients.

7) Commercial use – Use covers you create in unlimited commercial projects once purchased.

8) Group mockups – Display your product suite together in slick group shots.

9) Download flexibility – Get covers and mockups in any size or format you need.

eCoverly Cons

However, there are some downsides to be aware of as well:

1. Slow performance – The web app can be laggy and slow to respond at times. Pages take time to load.

2. Old-fashioned templates – Many mockup designs look outdated. Still shows CD and DVD covers.

3. Steep learning curve – While it’s easy to apply templates, customizing deeply requires a learning curve.

4. Upsells pushed hard – You’ll need to purchase addons to access more features and assets.

5. Limited basic plan – Advanced functions like groups and sharing require upgrades.

6. Rigid customization – Less control over fully customizing every element compared to a tool like Photoshop.

7. Clunky group mockups – Making grouped and bundled mockups is unintuitive and rigid.

8. Generic end results – The final mockup output lacks the polish and detail of professional designers.

eCoverly Pricing

eCoverly uses a one-time payment model without any monthly fees. But there are several plans and upgrades to be aware of:

Frontend (Starter Plan)

This is the base version you’ll first purchase. It comes in 3 pricing options:

eCoverly front end pricing

1. eCoverly Personal – $37 one-time

2. eCoverly Commercial – $47 one-time

3. eCoverly Commercial Plus – $67 one-time

The middle and top options include a commercial license to sell covers you create to clients.

This starter plan gives you 100+ templates and the core editor. However advanced features are limited unless you purchase the following upgrades.

Upsell 1 – eCoverly Pro

Pro gives you access to 400+ extra static templates and 150 animated ecover templates for a one-time fee of $97.

Other bonuses like training videos, faster support, a money-back guarantee, and commercial licensing are included.

Upsell 2 – eCoverly Groupshot

To make the bundled and grouped mockups, you need to buy the Groupshot upgrade. It’s $97 one-time and gives you 100 bundle templates and more customization tools.

Upsell 3 – Prime

Prime members get 360 niche-specific templates delivered each month for a year. This is $47 one-time. You also get commercial rights to the designs.

Upsell 4 – Gigs

Gigs provides done-for-you tools to build an ecover design business. For $47 one-time, you get assets to find clients, manage projects, and deliver covers.

Upsell 5 – Agency

Agency equips you to launch a full ecover design agency with team accounts, contracts, promo materials, and more. The one-time fee is $97.

eCoverly Complete Bundle

You can purchase everything together in the All-Access bundle for $497 total as a one-time payment. This unlocks all templates, features, tools, and training.

eCoverly Bundle

As you can see, costs add up fast. You’ll pay at least $167 to get a robust feature set with Pro and Gigs or Groupshot. The complete bundle clocks in at nearly $500.

Compared to paying a professional designer $500+ per custom cover, it may still make sense for active agencies or sellers.

But for individuals, the basic plan leaves much to be desired.

Check out eCoverly Complete Bundle

eCoverly Review Verdict

Based on my extensive testing, here is my final verdict on whether eCoverly is worth purchasing:

The Good:

– Affordable compared to custom design costs

– Quick way to create polished covers yourself

– Animated ecover templates make products stand out

– Democracy of cover design for non-artists

The Bad:

– Old-looking templates need refreshing

– Too many upsells required to unlock key features

– Rigid customization compared to Photoshop

– Laggy web performance hampers workflow

Explore eCoverly

The Bottom Line

eCoverly makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking covers without hiring a designer.

While it won’t output ultra high-end covers, the templates give your products a clean, polished look quickly.

However, be prepared to purchase multiple upgrades to unlock useful features beyond the lackluster basic plan.

Plus, expect an older-looking 90’s aesthetic to many templates.

For non-designers on a budget, eCoverly provides good bang for buck. However expert users may find it rigid and limiting.

I suggest trying the free trial before purchasing to see if it meets your needs.

For those wanting more modern, fully customized, high-end mockups, explore Photoshop or apps like ClickDesigns.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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