Designrr Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Ebook designing can be an arduous and time-consuming process.

Thankfully, Designrr has emerged as a game-changing tool that leverages AI technology to streamline ebook generation and design for creators, marketers, and businesses alike.

In this in-depth Designrr review, I will explore Designrr key features, benefits, pros and drawbacks.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to Designrr: An AI-Powered Solution for Stunning Ebooks

Designrr is a cloud-based software solution that simplify the ebook creation process. Using artificial intelligence and pre-built templates, Designrr allows users to create professional, visually appealing ebooks, workbooks, calendars and reports in minutes.

The software was founded by Paul Bannister in 2011. Since then, it has served over 140,000 customers worldwide and has evolved into an industry-leading ebook creator.

Designrr integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so you can show your ebooks on your website. You can also export your ebooks in different file formats. Which I will talk about it in a moment.

Recently, Designrr introduced Wordgenie, which allows you to create content. This combination of content creation and lead generation makes Designrr a uniquely valuable tool for online marketers and businesses.

Key Features and Benefits of Using Designrr

Now let’s explore the best features and functionality of Designrr that set it apart from traditional ebook creators:

AI-Powered Content Generation with WordGenie

The Word Genie feature is arguably the biggest draw of Designrr. This AI writing assistant auto-generates content for your ebook based on your topic, headlines, and preferences.

Word Genie can give detailed ebook outlines, suggest titles and subtitles, and even paragraph-length content samples to use as a starting point. This automates the most labor-intensive aspects of ebook creation.

Import and Repurpose Existing Content

Rather than creating an ebook from scratch, Designrr allows you to import and repurpose content from PDFs, Word documents, web pages, and more.

This content can then be edited and formatted within Designrr.

Super useful feature.

This is perfect for effortlessly transforming existing blog posts, articles, and other collateral into polished ebooks.

Access to Extensive Image Libraries

Visuals are critical for engaging ebook design. Designrr integrates directly with Unsplash and Pixabay to provide access to over 2 million copyright-free stock photos.

You can search through these libraries and seamlessly insert images into your ebook to enhance the visual experience.

You can also upload your own images to match your brand style.

Personalize Ebooks with Branding Elements

Designrr offers customization tools to tailor your ebooks to your brand identity. You can insert your logo, company colors, headers, footers, and background images.

Watermarks can also be added to protect your intellectual property. These options ensure your ebooks align with your brand style.

Dozens of Professionally Designed Templates

The software provides professionally designed templates for ebooks, reports, whitepapers, lead magnets, and more in various niches, from wight loss to blogging and online biz.

With a catalog of over 60 templates, you can select one customize specifically to your niche and content format.

Templates are optimized for readability and visual impact. You can also fully customize the templates to suit your needs.

Real-Time Previews and Adjustments

Designrr lets you preview your ebook and make changes in real-time via the drag-and-drop editor. Tweaks to content, styling, branding, etc., instantly reflect, allowing for an intuitive editing experience.

This simplifies the formatting process and reduces the need for tedious back-and-forth revisions.

Download Options for Various Formats

Once your ebook is complete, you can download it directly in PDF, Word, HTML, Flipbook, Kindle epub, LIVE book, audiobook, and ePub formats.

Download Options for Various Formats

This flexibility makes sharing and distribution effortless across digital and print channels.

Pros and Cons of Using Designrr

Key Advantages

  • AI content generation saves hours of initial writing time through Word Genie’s outlines and content suggestions
  • Reusability of existing content, including importer functionality
  • Huge image libraries provide relevant visuals to choose from
  • Customizable templates that match different niches and branding needs.
  • Real-time previewing enables intuitive tweaking and iterations
  • Multiple export formats make ebook distribution and printing straightforward.
  • Ongoing improvement with continual upgrades to improve the user experience.


  • The learning curve for first-time users to familiarize themselves with the editor and features
  • AI-generated content still requires human touch, editing, and oversight.
  • Technical issues occasionally, you will see editor lags and glitches.
  • Limited graphics editing compared to advanced graphic design tools
  • No animation capabilities to add flashy interactive elements commonly seen in online ebook promotion

Designrr Customer Service

The Designrr support team is very responsive and eager to help users who are having trouble with the software.

They offer a wide range of tutorials and documentation to assist customers in learning how to use Designrr’s many features.

Designrr Customer Service

Support requests are typically answered within 20-30 minutes via their live chat platform.

Overall, Designrr’s customer service provides useful resources and quick responses to help users get the most out of the product.

Designrr Pricing and Upsells

You might have seen the advertising of Designrr. This promises that you can design amazing ebooks for just a $27 one-time price.

You can learn more about Deisgnrr $27 (one-time offer)!

What’s the catch?

At $27, you get basic features and don’t have access to pre-made templates.

Designrr Pricing

Let me show you all the pricing plans of Designrr. So you can choose the right plan.

There are 3 more pricing options excluding $27 (one-time plan):

Designrr Pro – $97/year

  • 7-day free trial
  • More templates
  • Access to extra features
  • And more…

Designrr Premium – $297/year

  • 4 hours of transcription per month
  • Publish to Any Website
  • One User
  • 3D Cover Image Tool
  • Over 200 Additional Project Templates
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From MS Word, Google Docs, PDF
  • Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub
  • Flipbook generator from any PDF
  • Import from ANY Facebook Page
  • IMPORT from Facebook Live Videos
  • Dynamic Transcriptions
  • Merge Drafts
  • Video Embed
  • Download Captions and subtitles for Any Video
  • Mockup Generator
  • NEW: Audio Book Creator (coming soon)
  • Cancel Anytime

Explore Designrr Premium

Designrr Pricing

Designrr Agency Premium – $497/year

  • 25 hours of transcription per month
  • Publish to Any Website
  • Multi-User
  • Create your own templates
  • 3d Cover Image Tool
  • Over 200 Additional Project Templates
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From MS Word, Google Docs, PDF
  • Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub
  • Flipbook generator from any PDF
  • Import from your Facebook Group
  • IMPORT from Facebook Group Videos
  • Dynamic Transcriptions
  • Merge Drafts
  • Video Embed
  • Download Captions and subtitles for Any Video
  • Mockup Generator
  • NEW: Audio Book Creator (coming soon)
  • Cancel Anytime

Learn More About Designrr Agency Premium!

There is one more upgrade, which is optional.

APM (Authority Profit Machine) is our course on creating a high authority ebook and publishing it on Amazon.

  • Price: $297 (One Payment, Lifetime Access)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What is included in APM?

Introducing the Full APM Video Course – your complete guide to creating, publishing, and marketing a profitable eBook.

APM training includes:

– 6 step-by-step modules covering the entire eBook creation process

– Exclusive business building bonuses ($791 value)

– Personal Branding Bootcamp

– The Productive Solopreneur

– Tech Training

– Q&A session recordings

– 13 fill-in-the-blanks templates, checklists, and guides ($3000 value)

– eBook template

– eBook creation checklist

– 100+ proven eBook title and description formulas

– List building strategy mind map

– List building checklist

– Step-by-step Amazon KDP publishing walkthrough

– Social selling guide

– eBook launch checklist and marketing templates

– eBook marketing strategy mind map

– Hot niche research template

– Finding the perfect eBook topic blueprint

Everything you need to create, publish, and profit from your eBook – from A to Z!

Is Designrr Worth the Investment?

Designrr price starts at $27 for lifetime access, including all features. One-time plans are also available if you only need to create a single ebook.

NOTE: Designrr has multiple plans. Check out all the plans, then commit to any plan.

Given the immense time and effort savings Designrr provides through its AI capabilities and content reusability, the product more than pays for itself in productivity gains.

The value is immense for those regularly creating ebooks for their business or clients. The ability to repurpose content into polished ebooks is a complete game-changer.

For users with more advanced graphic design needs or wanting animation, Designrr may have some limitations.

But it still eliminates the heavy lifting of structuring, writing, and formatting – making it an excellent starting point.

Get Designrr Special One-Time Offer!

Conclusion and Recommendation

For anyone looking for an all-in-one automated solution for ebook creation, Designrr comes highly recommended.

The combination of AI content generation, templates, huge image libraries, custom branding, and flexible exporting options make it a category leader.

While it may not replace professional designers entirely, Designrr simplifies ebook creation’s most labor-intensive and technical aspects.

For under $30, the investment can pay off exponentially in time savings and content output.

Overall, Designrr delivers immense value, especially for non-designers. It brings excellent ebook creation capabilities within reach of any skill level.

Are you ready to step up your ebook game?

Get started with Designrr here using their limited-time offer.

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