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The 4-Hour WordPress Site Creation Course - Master WordPress Quickly & Effortlessly

You can build your profitable WordPress Site in Less than 4 hours without spending 20+ hours & any distractions. Even if you’ve never created a WordPress site before or completely new to WordPress site-building. 

Limite-time Offer Normally Rs. 1499

Warning: If you enroll now, I am going to give you GeneratePress Theme & Elementor Pro Plugin with their official license key. No GPL plugins & Themes. 

You might be thinking how can I provide these expensive themes & plugins & The 4-Hour WordPress Course at such an affordable price? 

I am able to give Themes & Plugins with their official updates because I create WordPress sites for clients. Because of that, I have purchased Agency plans for these themes & plugins. 

Quick Tip: You should not use GPL themes & plugins that are directly downloaded from the Internet. It may contain malware that can hack your site. You can use GPL if you download it from a trusted source. 

Hi there! 

I am Rajneesh and I have been into Digital Marketing since 2016. And I learned many things in a hard way by hit & trial. And I've been freelancing for the last 2 years. In my Freelancing career, I have developed so many WordPress sites and I see for a beginner creating a WordPress site is so time-consuming.

And, initially, it took me so much time in creating a simple WordPress site because I didn't have the step-by-step instructions and one-stop solution. 

And, I didn't have the Premium Themes & Plug-ins for making my WordPress site beautiful. 

Then I decided to create a simple easy-to-follow system that allows you to create your own WordPress site in just 4 hours. 

Therefore, I created an Incredible WordPress Mastery Course That Will Allow You to Create Your Own WordPress website in Less than 4 Hours.

A step-by-step system that will teach you everything about WordPress from basic to advance level stuff you’ll get to know in the 4-Hour WordPress Mastery. 

Here’s what you are going to discover inside the 4-Hour WordPress Mastery Course

  • Introduction module 

  • Everything about Domain name 

  • How to buy the best Hosting at a lesser price?

  • WordPress Installation & Configuration (How to do it in the right way)

  • Themes & Plugins Installation (I’ll give my Bonus)

  • Plugins and themes configuration 

  • How to edit Theme (Again, I’ll give a Bonus)

  • How to set up Essential pages in a matter of minutes?
Feedback from existing students 
  • How to create the most essential thing which is a Home Page of a website?

  • Site uptime & monitoring

  • How to Install  Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel on your blog for conversions?

  • How to index your site with the help of Google Search console?

  • How to migrate your existing website from one host to another hosting?

  • How to resolve unknown WordPress blog/site issues?

This WordPress Mastery course helps you with one of the biggest Content Management System (CRM) tools available in the market today. You will learn everything about installation, configuration and setup of WordPress.

This course also includes the creation of content, managing and working with WordPress Plugins.  

You’ll learn also how you can create a functional, beautiful, responsive website with WordPress. 

Huge time & money-saver BONUSES for FREE!

The 4-Hour WordPress Mastery Course Is Ideal For:

Students / working professionals / business owners / aspiring digital marketers / housewives. 

So if you want to:
  • Enhance your career by learning how to build a revenue-generating site. 

  • If you are a student this course is perfect for you to learn a new skill and monetize it as quickly as possible. 

  • If you are a business owner a website will help you to increase the online presence. 

  • If you’re a working professional then you can learn a new skill in the shortest time.

Benefits You Will Get If You Enroll in The 4-Hour WordPress Mastery Course
  • 4 Hrs Video Training - Your No Fluff, No BS and easy to understand video training. 

  • Self-paced Video Course

  • Certification on completion

  • Practical Exercises

  • Lifetime Free Upgrade

  • Lifetime Support & Access

The primary goal of The 4-Hour WordPress Course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to become a WordPress Master in a few short hours & monetize your blog/website as soon as possible.

You have two options, which one you’d like to choose? 

  1. Your Precious Time or

  2. Money  

Time - Time is the most valuable thing because Time is IRREVERSIBLE. See I don’t want you to waste too much time doing the same thing which I have already done. For instance, it’s a WordPress site. ( I have wasted so much time & energy).   

Money - You pay a little fee and access my experience and guidance. This will save you from making big mistakes.   

See, if you think that everything is available on the Internet at no cost then you’re right. 

But here’s the catch.

Whatever info is available on the internet in an unorganised manner. 

You don’t have a one-stop solution & guidance where you can learn everything about WordPress. 

Therefore, I have come up with a one-stop solution for those who want to start their own blog/website on WordPress. 

Here's What Others Says About Rajneesh
In this era of the internet, billions of articles are uploaded every single day. Too many, right? And too confusing at the same time.

I was looking for a helpful destination to learn about digital marketing and blogging. I am a trainer of communication skills hence I wanted authentic information about starting a successful blog. I luckily landed on Magic Blogging by Rajneesh.

And I have looked nowhere else since then. I was new to hosting, domains, WordPress etc. so I learned a lot on this blog site.

Rajneesh makes it great for all beginners with his lucid explanation and valuable insights at the same time. Magic blogging is loaded with valuable and precise information. He shares step-by-step details.

Everything he shares his practical, actionable, and creative and meant to keep you productive even when you feel stuck or out of ideas.

His methods and advice sound like a sustainable way to have a successful blog. His presentation style is dynamic and engaging. He breaks down everything into modules that are easy to comprehend.

I can't wait to apply everything that I am learning at Magic Blogging.
Thank you, Rajneesh.
Keep doing the great work.
Abhishek Gupta  -  Mediation trainer, Speaker | Life Coach

Plus, I have some mind-boggling BONUSES which I’ll give you once you enroll in the WordPress Mastery. I want to give you a surprise. :) 

But, the question is will you give me a chance to serve & help you? 

Today, you can grab this deal at an 80% Discount. 

Enroll in the WordPress Mastery at Rs. 499/- And, give me a chance to help you in setting up a blog/website in just 4-Hour. 

Note: The Bonuses are available for 100 people on a first-come, first-serve basis! 

Ensure you take action NOW! 

Till now, I have designed so many WordPress sites. I do blogging at

Rajneesh is a very honest and humble person! I have worked with multiple times and I love his passion for online business and digital marketing.

Especially I liked his continuous improvement attitude!
 Very punctual, honest and high skilled person.

I would like to learn a lot of things from him.
Keep it up, brother! 
Deepak Adhav -  6-figure Amazon Seller

Wait We’re Not Finished Here!

I want to give two huge BONUSES: 

Premium Elementor Plugin with official updates

Premium GeneratePress theme with updates

Today Only Rs. 494

Limited-time Offer (Normally Rs. 1999)

Let’s make this offer no-brainer. I’ll give you three more BONUSES 

Thrive Architect Page Builder Plugin  

Genesis WordPress Theme 

WP Rocket Plugin to boost your site speed

Mode of Learning
  • You Will Get Access To The Recorded Modules Inside The Members' Area
  • Watch At Your Own Pace
  • Mind-boggling Bonuses (mentioned above)
  • Support via email & Facebook Group
  • Checklist for avoiding basics mistakes  
No Refund Policy
We offer "No Refund" policy for this program because we are supremely "confident" about this course & the results it has generated for us as well as for the businesses who have learned from Rajneesh's WordPress Mastery Course.

Anyone who implements all of these is bound to get results. Please enter only when you are committed to taking action.

This course is not for thinkers who buy programs & then keep them hanging on their desks for months & years.

How will I benefit by taking this course?

A - After the program, you’ll be able to create a WordPress website/blog faster, easier and better than ever!

How will I Access the Course?

A - On Signup, you would be given a Username and Password where you can access all the Videos. You’ll get one video every day.   

Where can I put these skills at work?

A - In the online world, we use websites to build an online presence. With a WordPress blog/site, you can consistently monetize your traffic.

Will I get support after the completion of WordPress Mastery?

A - All Students will be a part of VIP Facebook Group, You can use that to ask questions, network, share case studies and more. 

How will I benefit by taking this course?

A - After the program, you’ll be able to create a WordPress website/blog faster, easier and better than ever!
Today Only Rs. 494

Limited-time Offer (Normally Rs. 1999)

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