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Do you want Facebook ads to bring in more leads and sales for your business?

Dear reader, 

If you want to get more leads and sales in this modern era, you have to be in that place where your customers spend most of their time. 

If your customers are spending time over Facebook, you should try Facebook ads. 

Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach potential customers at a cost-effective marketing budget. 

The Facebook ads beauty; you can start your ads as low as 100 Rupee a day and test them. 

If it gives sales, you can increase your budget. 

But the problem is, you do not know how to run ads that generate high-quality leads that end up buying your offer/product. 

That's where Facebook Marketer comes into the picture. 

Hey, I am Rajneesh, and I have four years of experience as a Digital Marketer. 

I have helped a single business generate more than one million Rupee in revenue in less than three months using Facebook ads alone. 

Need proof?
Of course, you'll need, after all, I am making this bold claim. I understand!

Here's the screenshot of how many clicks this Facebook campaign got. 

Here's the revenue screenshot that I generated for the business using Facebook ads.

I hope you get an idea of my work. I walk the talk. I have real hands-on experience in running Facebook ads. 

Moreover, I have an in-depth knowledge of Copywriting. 

Let me tell you the most essential thing if you want to succeed in online advertising. Your copy plays a critical role.

Think of it this way; Facebook is just a platform to reach your potential customers. But if your ad copy is not compelling enough to get them to click. 

What would happen? You won't get high quality leads that convert. 


Suppose you want to hire me for Facebook ads. You're not only getting a Facebook marketer, but you're getting a copywriter who knows what it takes to generate high-quality leads that convert. 

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I have worked with national and international clients!
Please have a look at what they have to say about me. 
Rajneesh is a very honest and humble person! I have worked with multiple times and I love his passion for online business and digital marketing.

Especially I liked his continuous improvement attitude!
 Very punctual, honest and high skilled person.

I would like to learn a lot of things from him.
Keep it up, brother! 
Deepak Adhav -  6-figure Amazon Seller
In this era of the internet, billions of articles are uploaded every single day. Too many, right? And too confusing at the same time.

I was looking for a helpful destination to learn about digital marketing and blogging. I am a trainer of communication skills hence I wanted authentic information about starting a successful blog. I luckily landed on Magic Blogging by Rajneesh.

And I have looked nowhere else since then. I was new to hosting, domains, WordPress etc. so I learned a lot on this blog site.

Rajneesh makes it great for all beginners with his lucid explanation and valuable insights at the same time. Magic blogging is loaded with valuable and precise information. He shares step-by-step details.

Everything he shares his practical, actionable, and creative and meant to keep you productive even when you feel stuck or out of ideas.

His methods and advice sound like a sustainable way to have a successful blog. His presentation style is dynamic and engaging. He breaks down everything into modules that are easy to comprehend.

I can't wait to apply everything that I am learning at Magic Blogging.
Thank you, Rajneesh.
Keep doing the great work.
Abhishek Gupta  -  Mediation trainer, Speaker | Life Coach

I have successfully completed the Digital Deepak Internship Program. 

I continuously to add value to myself to help a business like yours to get more leads and sales on-demand. 

Here are a few course completion certificates which I received from the world's top digital marketers. 
Copywriting Mastery Certificate
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Email marketing Mastery Certificate
 77 Day Facebook Ads Course Certificate


Looking forward to working with you. 

Hire me.

To your success, 

Rajneesh - Facebook ads specialist and copywriter

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